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What Is Yang Yang And Zhao Lusi Relationship? Are They Really Dating?

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A lot of people are paying attention to the new drama “Who Rules the World,” which stars Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi (also known as Rosy Zhao).

Earlier, after it had already been agreed that Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi would play the male and female protagonists, respectively, it sparked a significant amount of debate among internet users.

The casting of Zhao Lusi as the female protagonist in the drama drew criticism from a significant number of online commenters.

However, they were content with Yang Yang taking on the role of the male protagonist.

Because some internet users believe that Zhao Lusi does not have sufficient fame, they can not understand why she is working with Yang Yang on the major production “Who Rules The World.”

After working with Zheng Shuang on the film “Love O2O,” everyone is aware that Yang Yang has since achieved A-list status as an actor. However, Zhao Lusi is always watching Web dramas. Even though she had a significant body of work, some of her projects were rather modest.

The most notable of these is “The Romance of Tiger and Rose,” which catapulted her fame to new heights but has not yet reached its peak.

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She is only able to secure the role of the supporting female in major plays such as “The Long Ballad.” Dilraba was cast in the role of the main female character in the play.

The following are some of the reasons why some internet users believe that Zhao Lusi is not the ideal match for Yang Yang:

She has a face that is too round; she is too chubby and looks a little bit like Yang Yang’s maid, and she does not have the disposition of a female lead.

Yang Yang And Zhao Lusi Relationship

Fans were taken aback when they found out that Zhao Lusi would be playing the female protagonist. In any case, the fact that she was cast as the main female character in the drama indicates that her popularity is certainly on the rise. Her resources have gotten better. In particular, when the most recent photo of Yang Yang and Rosy Zhao in a behind-the-scenes setting was revealed, internet users said, “It’s so cute, I ship the CP, there is something between them!”

It is clear from the images taken behind the scenes that Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi have a very amicable connection with one another. During the time when they weren’t filming, they were joking about, laughing, and generally having a great time; this confirmed that the earlier rumors of dissension were unfounded. We have to admit that the filmmaker had a great excellent vision since they are a really wonderful match for one another.

Who Rules The World will be the first project that Zhao Lusi and Yang Yang have worked on together, and we can’t wait to see what kind of visual treat they have in store for us.

Some people on the Internet have even speculated that Yang Yang could have developed romantic feelings for Zhao Lusi as a result of the drama.

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What Is Yang Yang And Zhao Lusi Relationship  Are They Really Dating

An earlier incident between Yang Yang and Rosy Zhao in which Yang Yang sprayed mosquito repellent on Rosy Zhao has been trending on the Internet and has caused a heated controversy among fans and internet users. At the time, a number of users on the website believed Yang Yang and Zhao were romantically involved.

On the other hand, fans have disproved the myth that they are only friends with each other. They share several interactions throughout the play due to the fact that they are the play’s protagonist and antagonist, respectively. Therefore, they must have a very healthy connection, and it’s not unusual for them to engage in conversation during their breaks.

However, some Internet users continue to assert that Yang Yang has a significantly different attitude regarding Rosy Zhao. Acting became a preoccupation for him and other female artists as well. However, it appears like he is experiencing genuine joy when working with Zhao Lusi. It is conceivable that Yang Yang has feelings for Zhao Lusi since when they met, Yang Yang transformed into a large guy very immediately.

What Is Yang Yang And Zhao Lusi Relationship  Are They Really Dating

What Is Yang Yang And Zhao Lusi Relationship  Are They Really Dating

Rosy Zhao had excellent care from Yang Yang, who cozily assisted her in styling her hair and rescued her in a timely manner whenever she fell to the ground.

While Rosy Zhao was instructing Yang Yang in dancing, Yang Yang also brought mobile phones up near her so that she could listen to the voice on them. People have formed the opinion that they are an attractive pair based on their interactive photographs.

How are Rosy Zhao Lusi and Yang Yang are connected to one another? Is it true that they are seeing each other?

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What Is Yang Yang And Zhao Lusi Relationship? Are They Really Dating?

What Is Yang Yang And Zhao Lusi Relationship  Are They Really Dating