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Xu Kai and Yang Mi Relationship & Dating Updates

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It is common for actors and actresses to fall in love with their co-stars on set. Like Park-Park couple and Song-Song couple. They fall in love with their drama set. The Song-Song couple even got married. Many other celebrities have gotten into a relationship after their drama like Crash Landing on you, and Descendent of The Sun. Songsong couple, Binjin couple, and ParkPark couple are famous couples in South Korea.

It goes the same for Chinese couples. If they start to date their co-stars they like to keep it a secret.

She and Her Perfect Husband finally kicked off production on February 27, marking the beginning of a new drama that has been on my watch list ever since it was announced the previous year. Following reports that filming had started just a few days prior, the drama finally held its booting ceremony on February 27. Leading roles are played by Yang Mi and Xu Kai, and supporting actors include Li Zefeng, Tang Jingmei, Wang Zixuan, and Liu Lin. The cast also features Yang Mi and Xu Kai.

Recent relationship pairings in the world of drama have been pretty fascinating, what with Ren Jialun being paired with Bai Lu for the drama Forever and Ever, Yang Yang being paired with Dilireba for the drama You Are My Glory, and then Dilireba being paired with Ren Jialun for the drama The Blue Whisper. The addition of Yang Mi and Xu Kai to the roster provides us with another duo that commands attention.

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Xu Kai and Yang Mi Relationship

Yang Mi portrays the alpha lawyer, in contrast to Xu Kai, who plays the role of her “puppy dog” love interest. This role reversal is a common trope in contractual relationships, in which the male protagonist typically plays the dominant role. Before falling in love with one another, the couple decides to engage in a marriage of convenience. Both Yang Mi, who is no stranger to playing powerful female parts, and Xu Kai, who is nine years her junior in real life and plays the love lead, appear to be excellent choices for their roles.

People on the internet have noticed that Xu Kai has slimmed down for his most recent drama but that he is still as gorgeous as before. After achieving widespread success in the historical drama Story of Yanxi Palace, Xu Kai went on to feature in a lot of other period dramas, therefore it is unusual to find him in contemporary plays.

The two actors have already gone into character in order to fulfill the requirements of their contract, which is now being filmed. Yang Mi, assuming the role of Qin Shi, suggested to Yang Hua that he attend social functions as her spouse.

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Xu Kai and Yang Mi Relationship

Due to the fact that they plan to get married first, there is no use in dating at this point. Because she has a home, he will be able to relocate there. She is good at making money, and because Yang Hua is patient and attentive, he is able to take care of the house while she focuses on her career. She brings in enough money to support the two of them, therefore it doesn’t matter to her whether or not he has a job. At last, she tells Yang Hua, “You really need to pay attention to what I’m saying.” During this time, Xu Kai gives a response while posing as Yang Hua, saying, “You may go ahead and build out a profession for yourself, I’ll be your strongest pillar.” So, I’m really enthusiastic about this couple. The courting can finally start!

Xu Kai and Yang Mi Relationship

Xu Kai and Yang Mi have also raised their dating suspicion because behind the scenes they were caught on camera holding hands. They like to lean on each other’s shoulders while joking. Netizens are speculating about their dating. Ever since the poster of the Chinese drama was released, netizens love this couple’s visuals and chemistry.

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Xu Kai and Yang Mi Relationship

Xu Kai and Yang Mi Relationship

There is still no confirmation of dating them. So, it is better to say they only have a working relationship. But fans will be happy if they really start dating in real life. After all, they look so cute and perfect together.

Guys do you agree with this?

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Xu Kai and Yang Mi Relationship & Dating Updates

Xu Kai and Yang Mi Relationship & Dating Updates