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What Is Zhao Lusi and Leo Wu Lei Relationship? Everything About Their Dating

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In the role of Leo The ratings for the drama “Love Like the Galaxy,” starring Wu Lei and Rosy Zhao Lusi, have been steadily rising from the commencement of the show till the present day. The indices continue their relentless ascent upward.

What makes the recently released drama “Love Like the Galaxy” so appealing to viewers? The lion’s share of the credit ought to go to the CP that Leo Wu and Zhao Lusi established.

They are truly the most talented performers of the current generation, and the combination of their subtle and natural acting abilities has resulted in an original CP entitled “08133 (Wu Lu Ke Tao)”.

Zhao Lusi was able to successfully represent “Cheng Shaoshang,” a figure who is contentious for being flawed and colorful. The audience is given a more immersive experience through her endearing interactions with Leo Wu. In the last week, Wu Leo’s fan base increased by 668,000, while Zhao Lusi’s fan base increased by 601,000. They were asked to host a Livestream so that they could communicate with their devoted following in light of their immense fame. During the course of the live stream, the relationship between them continues to be marked by a tacit understanding that is simultaneously humorous and full of love.

CP fans cheered, which caused the actors’ personal fans, particularly Leo Wu’s supporters, to get overexcited and unable to settle down.

They believe that even if they play CP, simply having interaction in the drama is good, so there is no need to spread to the real world. They do not exactly have the hope that the “CP” would send too much “sugar.”

Even more disturbing is the fact that some internet users claim they get the creeps whenever they observe Zhao Lusi and Wu Lei engaging in overly personal interaction with one another.

Then, given that the fans feel uneasy about the CP between Zhao Lusi and Wu Lei, I’m wondering if they still remember the CP between Wu Lei and Dilraba. In point of fact, it is unavoidable for CP to engage in the filming of this sort of love drama, as well as media and hype around the project.

Although she rose to fame as a child actor, Wu Lei is now well into her adult years. In addition, just the year before, Wu Lei and Dilraba collaborated in “The Long Ballad,” playing a character part. From the moment they entered the drama to the moment they left it, they exuded a lot of sweetness. During the exercise, Wu Lei and Dilraba had more personal exchanges with one another than they did with Zhao Lusi. Why are the supporters getting so worked up right now when they can really witness Leo Wu and Zhao Lusi hyping up CP? As for the rationale, there might be one of these three components at play.

  1. In this production, Zhao Lusi plays the role of the female lead. She has a knack for making every actor with whom she has collaborated appear their absolute best, and her age is comparable to that of Wu Lei. When compared to Dilraba, the age gap between Leo wu and Zhao Lusi is just one year; hence, they will naturally have more things that they can discuss in common, and their private interaction may be better and more familiar with one other.

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What Is Zhao Lusi and Leo Wu Lei Relationship Everything About Their Dating

What Is Zhao Lusi and Leo Wu Lei Relationship Everything About Their Dating

In the meantime, Zhao Lusi and Wu Lei are a good match in looks; both of their appearances belong to the young type. On the other hand, Dilraba has a more mature and attractive appearance, and it is more enjoyable to play CP with Yang Yang.

  1. Due to the fact that this is their second collaboration together. Despite the fact that they did not perform a pair in their first collaborative effort, “The Long Ballad,” many fans were nonetheless able to detect a whiff of impending doom. They are concerned that the plays would lead to romantic feelings between Leo Wu and Zhao Lusi.
  2. The call from viewers caused concern among fans their first collaboration together was in “The Long Ballad,” although they only appeared in a small number of scenes together.

Nevertheless, the small shot in which Wu Lei stole Zhao Lusi for only a few seconds of the moment allowed everyone to read the fantastic chemistry that existed between the two of them. You can understand how powerful the appeal of the people is when you consider that it has resulted in more cooperation from them.

Because of all of these factors, it’s possible that fans are so opposed to the CP of Zhao Lusi and Wu Lei because no one wants to see them separate from the love they have for one other.

In addition to that, here are some thoughts from the more reasonable admirers.

They believe that both of them are still quite young and focus all of their attention on their professional lives. The fact that their collaboration (CP) is so well received by the audience serves as additional confirmation of the actors. Feedback to the viewers may be provided by doing some CP marketing.

Both Wu Lei and Zhao Lusi are working actors, and as such, they have no problem with being in the spotlight.

Every play may be taken to its logical conclusion as long as the scenario requires conducting commerce.

Zhao Lusi and Leo Wu Lei Relationship

In point of fact, they have just recently worked together on the production of two dramas and several advertisements; in private, they may merely be friends.

Their CP is incredibly great for viewers to ship, and they also do a wonderful job of cooperating with one another and working together when the drama is being promoted.

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What Is Zhao Lusi and Leo Wu Lei Relationship Everything About Their Dating

What Is Zhao Lusi and Leo Wu Lei Relationship Everything About Their Dating

However, there is no requirement for it to “bind” them together behind closed doors. It is sufficient for the time being so long as they continue to enjoy their time spent working together.

Whether they will or will not go on to have a love connection in the future is something that the performers have decided to keep between themselves. Their followers ought to honor and bless them.

What do you think about that? Please don’t hesitate to remark on this.

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What Is Zhao Lusi and Leo Wu Lei Relationship? Everything About Their Dating

What Is Zhao Lusi and Leo Wu Lei Relationship Everything About Their Dating