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Who is Mike Rowe Wife in 2023? Mike Rowe Girlfriend & Dating History

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Mike Rowe is a host and narrator on several television programs. Even if you didn’t see his face much on TV, you almost certainly are familiar with his work, which includes the shows Somebody’s Gotta Do It and Dirty Jobs on the Discovery Channel. Not too much longer after that, Mike also hosted a series called Returning the Favor that was developed for Facebook. He is a man who possesses a wide range of skills.

Who would have guessed that a man like Mike, who is known for his humor and easygoing nature, is quite guarded about his personal life? The details of his romantic life, which so many people have been curious about, are going to be presented in this article in their entirety.

Mike Rowe Wife

In the meantime, a good number of his followers are curious to know whether or not Mike Rowe is married. The multitalented TV personality has not tied the knot and does not currently have a partner in his life. At the time, he is not in a committed relationship with anyone else.

Recent reports have suggested that Mike Rowe is romantically involved with two different female celebrities; however, none of his relationships have resulted in a marriage.

Mike Rowe Current Secret Girlfriend

When we did some research on Mike’s romantic life, we discovered some not-very pleasant information: apparently, he had been the victim of infidelity in the past. In addition to this, he had recently been through a string of unsuccessful romantic relationships.

On the other hand, Mike started to see some improvement in his situation. Mike disclosed, during a virtual interview with Kara Mayer Robinson in January 2021, that he had been in a committed relationship with a woman, the identity of whom he did not disclose. Kara Mayer Robinson was the interviewer.

Because he and his “secret girlfriend” wanted to go through their relationship in peace and away from media exposure, he was afraid to inform other people about it. Aside from that, Mike mentioned that his girlfriend works in an industry that is very unrelated to his own, and that she is not particularly interested in him being renowned.

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In the virtual interview, the actor from Dirty Jobs said about his girlfriend that “she has little to no interest in my career,” and that this helps them “keep our relationship away from the limelight.”

Mike complimented his girlfriend, stating that she is very self-reliant and that he is quite pleased to have a lady who is like that in his life. He claimed that the only lady who could make him fall in love was one who was more concerned with fostering her own happiness than catering to the needs of her partner.

During the course of the interview, Mike only disclosed one piece of information. Up to this point, we have no way of knowing for certain whether or not the relationship is still active. On the other hand, we have high hopes that Mike will one day find the lady who can love and support him while also fully comprehending him.

Mike Rowe Relationship with Danielle Burgio

In 2015, Mike was romantically involved with the actress Danielle Burgio, who is most known for her role in Beyond the Sky. It was Mike’s most recent public relationship, and neither of them disclosed very much information that we are able to learn about it.

Danielle is a popular dancer on Broadway in addition to her work as an actress, director, and stuntwoman in Hollywood. It seems like she has a decent handle on what she’s doing. It would appear that Mike has a thing for a lady who is not afraid to be brave, independent, and talented (well, who doesn’t?)

After appearing in The Matrix as a battle double for Trinity, she gained widespread recognition. After then, Danielle never ceased to astound us with her performances in films such as “The Amazing Spider-Man,” “The Walking Dead,” and “The Hangover 3.”

On the other hand, the specifics of their relationship are unknown. We are aware that Mike and Danielle began dating sometime in 2015, however, it does not appear that they have ever been seen together in public. In addition to this, Danielle and Mike hardly ever brought up their relationship in the interviews that they gave, and the length of time that they were in a relationship is unknown to us. This demonstrates how well Mike was able to protect his privacy.

Mike had not been seen with anybody else since the end of his relationship with Danielle until earlier this year when he made the revelation public. It indicates that he did not enter a committed relationship for approximately five years. Because of this, we are left wondering what transpired between him and Danielle. Or was it possible that he wanted to concentrate more on his job at the time and take advantage of the freedom of being single? It’s not impossible.

On the other side, Danielle continued to rush headfirst into new relationships after the breakup with Mike. She is currently married to her co-star from the movie Backlash, Robert Merrill, who she met while filming. In the same way that she did when she was with Mike Rowe, Danielle makes an effort to keep as much of her marital life with Robert private as she can. These individuals are aware of the repercussions that come with disclosing an excessive amount about their personal life.

Mike Rowe and Sandy Dotson

In addition to that, it was said that Mike Rowe was dating Sandy Dotson. Because she doesn’t work in the entertainment sector, you probably aren’t familiar with her name. This is likely the reason why. In its place, she holds a managerial position in a data management company.

On the other hand, she appeared in two episodes of Dirty Jobs, and others assumed that those appearances explained how she could have met Mike. Several news outlets, on the other hand, reported that the two got to know each other through common friends.

When some paparazzi photographed them together while they were on vacation, the rumor began to spread. The two appeared to have more in common than just being pals.

After Mike revealed that he was “in a relationship with an understanding woman from San Francisco” at the time, his followers were even more convinced of the fact that he was dating Sandy. People are aware of the fact that Sandy was born there despite the fact that he did not disclose her name. Coincidence?

Neither Sandy nor Mike addressed the rumor publicly, nor did either of them discuss their relationship in public.

On Being Cheated On in the Past

Mike was not reluctant to share some experiences that he had been going through, including being cheated on by one of his former girlfriends, despite the fact that we may not have information about the identity of Mike’s lovers. Despite this, Mike was not reluctant to share some experiences that he had been going through.

Earlier this year, he addressed this story, and he did so while still participating in the same virtual interview in which he provided us with a hint about his hidden lover.

Mike detailed what it is like to discover that someone has lied to you or cheated on you. He described it as “painful, but not utterly terrible.”

He also admitted that, after returning home, he suffered a nervous breakdown. On the other hand, prior to that, his ex-girlfriend approached him and confessed to him what she had done. Even though he claimed he might have seen it coming, it nevertheless cut him very deeply; despite this, he chose to forgive her.

Wait till you hear that he also urged his ex-girlfriend to “forgive herself.” If you are thinking “what a lovely man he is” right now, wait until you hear that statement before you make your judgment. Next, he went on to say, “I think that cheating on someone else is the same as cheating on oneself.”

It’s possible that any of the people we’ve named before was Mike’s cheating ex-girlfriend, but it’s also possible that it wasn’t. He is extremely cagey regarding the identity of his intimate partners. However, one thing that we can learn about him from his actions is how huge of a heart he possesses and how he lived his life with compassion and honesty. The individual who represents all of our ideals.

Mike Rowe Doesn’t Want to Have a Child

He added that the fact that he knew his girlfriend was more interested in having children than in being his wife revealed a lot about the circumstances and how they felt about their relationship. Mike believed that his fiancée should have been interested in and put more effort into developing a marital life with him first, before even focusing on having children, before even considering the possibility of having children.

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Mike’s brothers and sisters served as a source of motivation for him. His parents, John Rowe and Penny Rowe had a beautiful and fulfilling marriage that lasted for many decades. His parents’ names are Rowe. He witnessed his parents place high importance on their marriage above all else, even placing it ahead of their children and other family-related concerns. He went on to say that this is how he envisioned the perfect family to be structured.

He stated that his relationship with the woman who wanted him to be the father of their children did not finish on a positive note whatsoever. She wanted him to be the father of their children. However, he was happy that he had the opportunity to get some valuable life experiences and never, not even for a second, regretted his choice to not have children.

Gay Rumors

The gossip that was going around about him didn’t just concern the women he was dating; it also mentioned his sexual orientation. Because there is so little information available about Mike Rowe’s personal life, there are those who speculate that he may be gay.

Fans of Mike believe he is excessively secretive, and the fact that he was always attempting to conceal his partner’s identity raises eyebrows and questions among the general public. But after that, all of a sudden, the likelihood of Mike being gay and having a lover behind his back made perfect sense to a lot of people. To what extent, however, is that accurate?

Who is Mike Rowe Wife in 2023 Mike Rowe Girlfriend & Dating History

Who is Mike Rowe Wife in 2023 Mike Rowe Girlfriend & Dating History

In contrast to the notion that circulated about his romantic involvement, Mike never gave any indication that he was interested in addressing this matter, neither in his interviews nor on social media. Even though he is a very private person, he nevertheless uses Instagram and Twitter, where he shares his thoughts on a variety of topics that are important to him. These topics include: However, it is correct that information regarding his romantic life is THAT hard to get by.

However, there is no hard evidence to support the hypothesis that he was gay. It was nothing more than speculation on the part of individuals who are frustrated by the lack of information regarding Mike Rowe’s romantic life.


In order to get SAG accreditation, he joined the Baltimore Opera in 1984 after graduating from college under a fictitious name and using false credentials.

“I joined the opera to acquire my union card and meet girls; and was a saloon singer, so I went down to the Baltimore Opera and learned an aria and auditioned.” “I was a saloon singer, so I went down to the Baltimore Opera and learned an aria and auditioned.” I decided I’d just put on one show and then call it quits. But there were attractive young women everywhere, and the music was actually pretty good.

Then, at the beginning of the 1990s, he made the transition to hosting on television and earned a job at the shopping channel QVC. Later, Mike offered an instructional guide for the Primestar satellite television service on Channel 999. Primestar is a deduction.

Before pitching a special to Discovery Channel that would culminate in the longest-running show Dirty Jobs, he has worked hundreds of various jobs and visited all 50 states during his television career. Dirty Jobs is currently the longest-running show on Discovery Channel.

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Who is Mike Rowe Wife in 2023? Mike Rowe Girlfriend & Dating History

Who is Mike Rowe Wife in 2023 Mike Rowe Girlfriend & Dating History