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Lee Min Ho, Song Hye Kyo Might Work Soon For “City Hunter Season 2”

The television show “City Hunter” is based on the Japanese manga of the same name, which was created by Tsukasa Hojo. Hwang Eun-kyung and Choi Soo-jin wrote the action-romance drama in Korean. It is directed by Jin Hyuk and introduces us to Lee Yoon Sung, an MIT graduate with exceptional intelligence and talent who works for the Blue House’s international communications division. The plot follows his creation of a complex plan of vengeance against five dishonest politicians who killed his father.

Song Hye Kyo and Lee Min-ho May Work Together Soon

The most well-liked Hallyu stars of 2016 were declared to be Lee Min-ho, Song Hye Kyo, and EXO. The aforementioned accolades are determined by popular fan voting from 139 different nations worldwide.

Lee Min-ho defeated other well-known actors such as Song Joong Ki, the star of “Descendants of the Sun,” and Park Bo Gum, the lead actor in “Moonlight Drawn by Clouds.” On the other hand, Song Hye Kyo defeated Yoona from Girls’ Generation to claim victory.

Because of their recent successes, many are speculating that Lee Min-ho and Song Hye Kyo may soon collaborate. According to rumors, now might be the ideal time for Song Joong Ki’s ex-wife and Suzy Bae’s ex-boyfriend to collaborate on a single project.

According to MStarsNews, Lee Min-ho would shortly begin filming “City Hunter 2.” There have even been rumors that Park Min-young won’t be appearing in the future sequel and that Park Shin-hye will take her position as the main actress.

However, fans of Lee Min-ho and Song Hye Kyo believe that the two could perhaps headline the upcoming “City Hunter 2” series given the recent results of the 2016 Soompi Awards. Although these rumors may come to pass, neither the actress from “Descendants of the Sun” nor the actor from “The Legend of the Blue Sea” has officially verified anything as of yet.

City Hunter Season 2 Cast

As Lee Yoon-sung aka Poochai, Lee Min-ho (The Heirs, Legend of the Blue Sea) is the lead actor. He goes by the code name “City Hunter,” and his goal is to exact revenge on those who murdered his father. He works in the South Korean presidential palace after graduating from MIT under the guise of a murdered Korean-American kid. He meets Kim Na-na, the presidential bodyguard, at this point and progressively develops feelings for her.

Kim Na-na is portrayed by Park Min-young (‘Healer’ and ‘What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim”) as a strong lady who has managed to get by on her own after her mother passed away in a drunk driving accident. Even her father is unconscious. She is given a task by the Presidential Security Service because of her remarkable martial arts talent. Eventually, she develops feelings for Lee Yoon-sung.

Lee Min Ho, Song Hye Kyo Will Work Soon For City Hunter Season 2

Lee Min Ho, Song Hye Kyo Will Work Soon For City Hunter Season 2

Lee Joon-hyuk plays Kim Young-joo, a committed and gifted prosecutor whose sole purpose is to uphold the law, even when his cases include notoriously dishonest politicians. He is the offspring of City Hunter’s archenemy and one of the “Council of Five” members. Despite sharing the same goals, they operate in very distinct ways.

Lee Jin-pyo, the sole survivor of Operation Clean Sweep, is portrayed by Kim Sang-joong. He wants to kill everyone who killed his team mates and is a notorious drug lord in the Golden Triangle. In order to accomplish his objectives, he poses as a Korean-American investor and employs Lee Yoon-sung.

Bae Man-duk, also known as Bae Shik-joong, a gambling addict and gifted cook, is Kim Sang-ho. Since Lee Yoon-sung protected him from gangsters in Thailand, the two have become good friends. In Lee Jin-scam, pyo’s the two become partners and, after purchasing items from a home shopping website, rack up a sizable debt. As the episodes go on, we find out that Bae saw the accident that resulted in Kim Na-terrible na’s death. Bae went to Thailand after being paid by Council of Five member Kim Jong-shik to alter the narrative.

City Hunter Season 2 Plot

The plot of “City Hunter” opens in 1983, when the president of South Korea and his delegation travel to Burma. However, a bombing orchestrated by North Korean agents claims the lives of numerous officers. The Rangoon Bombing is the name of this incident. Five South Korean government representatives devise “Operation Cleansweep,” a clandestine mission with the goal of exacting vengeance. The team’s ultimate objective is to enter North Korean territory and kill senior leaders of the country’s high command. Lee Jin-pyo and Park Moo-yul, two of the Presidential Security Service’s best friends and bodyguards, were there during the event and formed a unit of 21 people to carry out their strategy. However, five of the comrades call off the mission in the middle of it in order to avert a global calamity.

On a ROK Navy submarine, the team returns home following a successful operation. Nevertheless, snipers board the ship and start shooting, killing Park, who gave his life to defend Lee. When Lee returns to South Korea, he finds that the team’s entire personal and professional history has been destroyed. The infant son of Moo-yul is subsequently kidnapped by Lee, who gives him the name Lee Yoon-sung. He raises the child and instructs him in battle while remaining hidden in the Golden Triangle. Years later, he tells Yoon-sung what his true strategy was. To carry out his father’s plan, Yoon-sun departs for the United States, finishes his education, and then returns to South Korea. He accepts a position with the National Communication Network Team in the Blue House as an IT specialist.

Lee then encounters Kim Na-na, the bodyguard, and the two start to develop feelings for one another. Na-na gradually assists Lee after recognizing that they both have the same objective.

City Hunter Season 2 Release Date

Season 1 of “City Hunter” debuted on SBS on May 25, 2011. On July 28, 2011, the 20th episode marked the end of the series. The series was well-received at release and quickly became popular among viewers. Fans, however, were quite hopeful that there would be a second season after the series’ confusing finish. “I don’t know if there are plans about a second season, but if there is a chance to expose new sides of the City Hunter, I will gladly join,” says the show’s star Lee Min Ho. The preceding sentence does not imply that a subsequent installment is already begun. However, it should be mentioned that Lee Joon Hyuk would not appear in a new season. A tentative release date for “City Hunter” season 2 is 2022 or 2023, however, there is no assurance. As soon as we have new information, we will update this area.

City Hunter Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for City Hunter Season 2 has yet to be released. View the first season of “City Hunter” official teaser trailer below.

Lee Min Ho (Lee Min Ho performance )’s of “Gu Jun Pyo” in KBS2’s “Boys Over Flowers” immediately became a success. Lee Min-acting ho’s potential was further reinforced by SBS’s “City Hunter.” The audience supported him as a true actor rather than solely on the basis of his good looks.

When asked about “City Hunter’s” significance, Lee Min-ho replied, “This work has inspired my highest potential. I find the idea of overnight success to be very powerful. I feel like I know the real actor better because of this drama. It is a piece that can improve acting abilities.

Because of its significant involvement in social concerns, “welfare dinner,” “City Hunter,” which was adapted from a Japanese manga, has garnered a lot of attention. The play addresses social issues like “halving the registration price” and “false and subpar military supplies.” The play’s only flaw, which has drawn criticism from certain audiences, is that the play’s emotional cues are consistently vague. At the conclusion, the “Ghost of Lee Min Ho” also made an appearance.

Lee Min Ho added the following in this regard: “In the play’s love line, there are a lot of regrets. The love between the two has stalled ever since the city hunter’s identity was revealed after kissing Kim Nana (Park Min Young). It is especially terrible that Kim Nana asked to delay the execution of the five people.”

Says Lee Min-ho “Even though I can sympathize with Lee Yoon-sung, City Hunter, I believe he can handle the relationship in a more mature manner by explaining that the risk prevents him from being with her. These points cause me to pause and wonder.”

However, Lee Min Ho said that the play’s conclusion is extremely consistent with his ideas: “Yoon Sung should appear highly egotistical if, after going through such suffering, he can still maintain a cheerful demeanor. In the end, life’s vicissitudes are to be expected. In the middle of the city, Yuncheng’s appearance while driving fits my imagination rather well.”

“But I also had a death-related eventual outcome in mind. The main character did not pass away in the original piece, but we still pictured the conclusion with the director losing his memory after being shot, and death was the most impressive. Even Yi Runcheng crossed our minds. Live and die with no final destination in mind.”

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Lee Min Ho, Song Hye Kyo Will Work Soon For “City Hunter Season 2”

Lee Min Ho, Song Hye Kyo Will Work Soon For City Hunter Season 2