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Who is BLACKPINK Rose Boyfriend Now? Secret Boyfriend & Ideal Type

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Rose’s birth name is Roseanne Park, and she is a singer, dancer, and model. She is best known as a member of the South Korean girl group ‘Black Pink,’ together with her fellow bandmates Jennie, Lisa, and Jisoo. Rose’s true name is Roseanne Park. The band has achieved widespread recognition because to the success of the songs “Whistle,” “Square Two,” “Playing with Fire,” and “As If It’s Your Last,” in addition to the extended plays “Square Up” and “Black Pink.” Despite the fact that Park was born in New Zealand and raised in Australia, she is of South Korean descent.

Her parents came from South Korea. In her native Australia, she began her career as a vocalist. In spite of this, as a result of the fact that she was unable to make any headway there, she submitted an application to the Korean company YG Entertainment and finally relocated to South Korea after passing the audition. Since that time, Park has been pursuing her career as an individual artist while still continuing to be a member of the band Black Pink. She has a strong desire to improve her knowledge and is always competing against her previous self. She serves as an inspiration to a great number of young people, particularly those who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of music. She is most known for her work as a vocalist, but she also has experience in the modeling industry.

Quick info

  • Full Name- Roseanne Park
  • Also Known as- Park Chaeyoung, Rose
  • Roseanne Park Date of Birth- 11 February 1997
  • Rose Blackpink Age- 24 Years
  • Birthplace- Auckland, New Zealand
  • Profession- Singer
  • Nationality- South Korean
  • Roseanne Park Hometown- Auckland, New Zealand
  • Zodiac Sign- Leo
  • Rose Blackpink Height- 5’6″ (168 cm)
  • Weight- 44 kg (97 lbs.)
  • Blood type- B
  • Net Worth- $8 Million
  • Father Name- Mason Clarke
  • Mother Name- Clare Park
  • Rose Blackpink Sister Name- Alice Park
  • Marital Status- Unmarried


After trying out for YG Entertainment and being offered a contract with the company, Rose Blackpink relocated to South Korea in 2012. During her time at the organization, she not only completed a student education program that lasted for four years but also collaborated with G-Dragon on the recording of the song “Without You.” She became a member of the girl group ‘Black Pink’ in June 2016, and after two months as a member of the group, she made her debut as Rosé alongside the other vocalists Lisa, Jennie, and Jisoo, when the group released their first song titled “Square One.” This was followed by “Boombayah” and “Whistle” in the order listed. The band released their third song on November 1, 2016, titled “Square Two.” This was followed by the singles “Stay” and “Playing with Fire,” all of which were released in 2017. In the end, the group was successful, and the girls earned a number of beginner grants within the first five months of their involvement. They were additionally regarded by Billboard as one of the most impressive new K-Pop gathers of the year 2016, which they achieved in 2016.

Family & Personal Life

Rose from Blackpink was born on February 11, 1997, in the city of Auckland in New Zealand, where she is also known by her birth name, Park Chaeyoung. She spent her childhood in Australia, where she was raised very close to her older sister, Alice. She attended Canterbury Girls’ Secondary College and eventually received her diploma there.

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In the K-Pop business, the vocal tone of Rosé’s voice has garnered praise and admiration from industry professionals. Following her performance as an individual member of Blackpink, Rosé’s vocal tone received accolades from the audience. According to Philippine music critic Almira Blancada, who composes for ABS-CBN, “it’s elusive an icon who stands apart from the rest” due to their “normal singing style.” However, “you would realize it’s Rosé singing instantly” if she were to sing. After Rosé’s performance on an episode of Fantastic Duo 2, South Korean musician Gummy, whom Rosé cited as a musical role model, said that “Rosé’s voice is so extraordinary, it’s the sound kids love.” Rosé made this statement after Gummy saw Rosé perform. Rosé is also known for having a broad vocal reach, which has earned it a lot of recognition. As a performer, Blackpink Rosé looks to the American singer Tori Kelly as a source of inspiration for her approach to the music that she creates.

BLACKPINK’s Rose Secret Boyfriend

BLACKPINK’s Rose is a well-known singer from South Korea, and she is renowned for both her incredible voice and her unique guitar playing. She was able to display a different side of herself via dancing and performance while she was a part of BLACKPINK. After participating in an audition in Australia, Rose was offered a position as a trainee with YG Entertainment.

There are a lot of individuals who are interested in knowing whether or not Rose has ever been in a relationship, who her boyfriend is, and other similar things. Rose from BLACKPINK is not currently in a relationship; nonetheless, there is speculation that she is in a relationship.

BLACKPINK’s Rose is Single

It is very possible that Rose has not yet found a partner in her life. She has a strong interest in singing and singing in general, but her main emphasis right now is on her activities with BLACKPINK as well as her own activities. Since there is no publicly available information on Rose’s romantic involvement, the identity of her lover is not yet known.

Although other firms prohibit dating their employees, YG Entertainment is not as strict about this policy as the other organizations. In 2018, a member of BLACKPINK named Jennie was romantically involved with a member of EXO named Kai. As a result, the dating restriction was finally not a hindrance for her to engaging in dating. Even though YG Entertainment is quite tight, there is a possibility of getting quick clearance as long as there is a talk with the firm and they are not doing it in secret.

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Who is BLACKPINK Rose Boyfriend Now Secret Boyfriend & Ideal Type 

Who is BLACKPINK Rose Boyfriend Now Secret Boyfriend & Ideal Type

BLACKPINK’s Rose Ideal Type

During an appearance on Weekly Idol, Rose of BLACKPINK discussed her ideal type, which she described as someone who is not only polite but also friendly and can sing. In addition, Lisa of BLACKPINK mentioned that Rose would have a crush on someone who was likewise skilled at playing the guitar.

BLACKPINK’S Rose Almost Has No Dating Rumor

Due to the fact that BLACKPINK’s Rose almost never completely goes out in public with any man outside of the context of her work, she has almost no dating rumors. She appears to be more focused on advancing her career in music rather than pursuing any romantic relationships or dating any men. However, it’s possible that her followers will object to this fact. They find it hard to believe that Rose could have a romantic relationship with anyone. It would be interesting to learn more about the rumor that Rose is dating J-Hope from BTS.

BLACKPINK’s Rose and BTS’s J Hope

There has been speculation that Rose of BLACKPINK and J-Hope of BTS are dating after a photo of the two of them engaging in behavior that is eerily similar was posted on Instagram. During this period, Rose crossed paths with Pierre Sang, a French chef of Korean ancestry. On the other side, J-Hope from BTS was engaging in the same activity with the French chef. Despite the fact that there is no evidence to suggest that they met the chef at the same time, Pierre Sang published photos of them on his Instagram account. However, many fans of both groups speculated about what might have been going on behind the scenes after seeing this photo.

Who is BLACKPINK Rose Boyfriend Now Secret Boyfriend & Ideal Type 

Who is BLACKPINK Rose Boyfriend Now Secret Boyfriend & Ideal Type

Both BTS and BLACKPINK are extremely successful K-pop groups that consistently garner a lot of attention and are connected. The fact that Rose and J-Hope are rumored to be dating can also be explained by the fact that their nail polish colors are identical. This additional information makes the rumor more interesting to investigate; however, neither company has made an official announcement about it as of yet. Therefore, it is possible that the rumor that both of their fans enjoy connecting with one another is just a rumor. But in the future, nobody will be able to tell for sure.

This post discusses BLACKPINK member Rose’s current boyfriend as well as her relationship status. What exactly do you think this means? Put in your two cents and share what’s on your mind on Twitter as well. Maintain your support for Rose in both her solo and BLACKPINK endeavors.

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Who is BLACKPINK Rose Boyfriend Now? Secret Boyfriend & Ideal Type 

Who is BLACKPINK Rose Boyfriend Now Secret Boyfriend & Ideal Type