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Who is BLACKPINK Lisa Boyfriend Now? Lisa ideal Type & Dating History

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Lalisa Manoban, better known by her stage name Lisa, is a performer who has a background in singing, rapping, and dancing. She was born on March 27, 1997 in Buri Ram, Thailand. The rapper, who is 25 years old, is one of the four members of the internationally renowned girl group ‘Blackpink,’ which was founded by ‘YG Entertainment.’ Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé make up the remaining members of the girl group Blackpink. Find out more about Lisa, shall we?

Quick Info

  • Birth Name – Pranpriya Manoban
  • Full Name – Lalisa Manoban / Mononym Lisa
  • Nick Name – Lisa, Laliz, Lalice, Flying Lisa, Pokpak, Jolisa, Ryeolisa, Limario.
  • Profession – Rapper, Singer, Dancer
  • Date of Birth – 27 March 1997
  • Age (In 2022) – About 25 years old
  • Zodiac Sign – Aries
  • Birthplace – Buri Ram, Thailand
  • Nationality – Thai
  • Marital Status – Unmarried
  • Hobbies – Dancing, Singing
  • Net Worth – US$10 million
  • First Album – Square One
  • Debut TV – Lisa TV in 2017
  • Debut Movie – N/A

Physique and Body Stats:

  • Height (Approx.) – 1.67 m / 5 feet 5.75 inches
  • Weight (Approx.) – 98.5 lbs/ 44.7 kg
  • Hair Color – Brown
  • Eye Color – Dark Brown
  • Blood Group – O

Early life and Education

Lisa’s birth and upbringing both took place in Thailand, where her mother and stepfather were her primary caregivers. She attended Praphamontree School I and II and graduated from both of those schools. Since she was a youngster, she had an interest in the pop industries of South Korea and hoped that one day she would be able to pursue a career in the same field. At the age of four, she began her training in several dance styles at a local studio. During the course of her childhood, she also took part in a number of other dancing contests.

In addition to that, Lisa became a part of the well-known dance team known as “We Zaa Cool,” which consists of 11 people. Alongside Lisa, the well-known rapper and vocalist known as “BamBam” from the group “Got7” was also a part of this.

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Facts about Lisa

  • “The one who is acclaimed” is what her name, “Lalisa,” means when translated from Thai to English.
  • Prior to this, Lisa’s true name was Pranpriya Manoban; however, she now goes by the name Lalisa Manoban.
  • Lisa is fluent in Thai, Japanese, Korean, as well as English and Chinese. She can also understand Chinese.
  • Lisa was also a member of the dancing ensemble called “We Zaa Cool,” which she was a part of.
  • She competed in a singing competition as her school’s representative back in 2009 and ended up coming in second place.
  • In 2010, when Lisa was just 14 years old, she gave an audition for a trainee position with YG Entertainment. Out of the 4,000 other contestants, she was chosen.
  • Lisa is a talented musician on the ukulele.
  • Pockpack is a nickname that Lisa’s friends have given her.
  • She adores feline companionship. She has four cats, and their names are Leo, Luca, Lily, and Louis respectively.
  • When she is famished, one of her favourite things to eat is french fries.
  • She holds the record for being the youngest member of Blackpink.
  • In 2017, Lisa was ranked number 15 on the list of “100 Most Beautiful Faces” by People Magazine.
  • She was awarded “Person of the Year” at “The Standard Award event” in both 2018 and 2019, respectively.
  • In the year 2020, the “Sanook X Joox Thailand Music Award” considered her to be a candidate for the “Social Superstar” award.

Who Is BLACKPINK Lisa Boyfriend?

As a result of all of her accomplishments, Lisa of BLACKPINK is now considered to be one of the most successful K-Pop stars. She has made her debut as a member of BLACKPINK, produced solo projects, been selected as a worldwide ambassador, and accomplished many more impressive feats.

Nevertheless, one of the drawbacks of having such enormous renown is that one is the center of attention everywhere they go, particularly in their personal lives. It is particularly applicable to Lisa’s situation because many people are wondering whether or not Lisa has a boyfriend or girlfriend.

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Who is BLACKPINK Lisa Boyfriend Now Lisa ideal Type & Dating History

Who is BLACKPINK Lisa Boyfriend Now Lisa ideal Type & Dating History

What about her romantic relationships? Read this article below to learn more about Lisa of BLACKPINK’s love life and her boyfriend, who is also included in the post!

BLACKPINK Lisa Is Still Single

Lisa of BLACKPINK is not currently in a relationship and does not have a partner at this time.

In particular, her management company, YG Entertainment, is notorious for its dating ban, which forbids certain artists, including BLACKPINK, to have a romantic relationship while they are members of the group. However, the rule can be broken as long as the CEO gives permission for it to be done so. In addition, Lisa and the other members have a lot going on in their schedules, which makes it more challenging for them to locate a person to date and be in a relationship with.

BLACKPINK Lisa’s Ideal Type

Lisa has never been in a relationship, although in the past she has discussed the qualities she is looking for in a potential partner. Lisa ultimately blurts out the answer to the question regarding the top three characteristics she searches for in a man when she is questioned about it. “It’s extremely difficult [to select only three qualifiers], but [I want] someone who is good-natured, is able to cook, and has a way of life that is compatible with mine.”

Since it is common knowledge that Lisa’s stepfather is a well-known chef who is skilled in the kitchen, it should come as no surprise that Lisa finds it interesting when a guy is able to cook. In addition, Lisa prefers to date someone who is older than she is and who is able to provide for her in a mature and responsible manner.

Who is BLACKPINK Lisa Boyfriend Now Lisa ideal Type & Dating History

Who is BLACKPINK Lisa Boyfriend Now Lisa ideal Type & Dating History

BLACKPINK’s Lisa Dating Rumors

People have a desire for Lisa to be linked with other male celebrities, particularly given the fact that she has a pleasant demeanor. This desire is fueled in part by the fact that Lisa is extremely well-known and that many people have recognized her skill. In addition to that, there were several relationship rumors around her, and some of the lists are as follows:

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS’ Jungkook

Fans of both BLACKPINK and BTS have romantic notions about the possibility of Lisa and Jungkook dating. This is due to the fact that Lisa and Jungkook are the youngest members of their respective groups, having been born in 1997, and that both BLACKPINK and BTS are extremely popular.

Many fans started to pair Lisa and Jungkook as a couple, created their own theory about whether or not Lisa and Jungkook are dating, or simply noticed the same items that Lisa or Jungkook probably have and ‘indicated’ the items as being a couple of items.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS’ Jungkook

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS’ Jungkook

Aside from that, the minor exchanges that take place between Lisa of BLACKPINK and Jungkook of BTS are something that constantly makes fans pay attention to them, particularly those individuals who are shippers of the relationship between Lisa and Jungkook.

Even if the only contacts that count were brief ones, as when BLACKPINK and BTS attended the same event, it is more than enough for them to feel that there is a potential for something to spark between the two groups. Despite the prevalence of speculation over their romantic connection, Lisa and Jungkook have never publicly acknowledged their connection to one another. In spite of this, we shouldn’t give up hope that Lisa and Jungkook will become close friends, right?

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS’ Jungkook

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS’ Jungkook

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and GOT7’s BamBam’s Friendship

Since the two members of BLACKPINK’s Lisa and GOT7’s Bambam have known each other since they were children, their close connection is well known. Bambam and Lisa are both members of the boy band BLACKPINK. Both Lisa and Bambam have become famously well-known for their talent and have also made their debuts as K-Pop idols as they have gotten older. They are both of Thai heritage, have a love of music and dancing, and were both born on the 97th line. These are just a few of the many characteristics that they have in common.

Bambam was given the name Lisa when she was Noona’s age, despite the fact that they were born in the same year. “Well, to put it simply, I’ve known her ever since we were both quite little. But while I was with Lisa, I never went higher than Lisa’s waist in terms of height. Therefore, I believe it was only natural for me to start calling her Noona. Bambam stated, “But I only refer to her as Noona when we are conversing in Thai.”

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and GOT7’s BamBam’s Friendship

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and GOT7’s BamBam’s Friendship

Fans have witnessed a variety of interactions between the two of them on several occasions, including the manner in which Bambam and Lisa supported one another. It leads many to believe, incorrectly, that Lisa and Bambam are in a relationship, despite the fact that they are merely best friends and are more closely related to one another than romantic partners.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa and BTS’ V went to Paris in the Same Private Jet

It has been previously desired by a large number of fans that Lisa of BLACKPINK and Jungkook of BTS date one another; nevertheless, it appears that there is a ‘plot twist’ here. Lisa of BLACKPINK and V of BTS recently travelled to Paris together on the same private plane! How astonishing is that, don’t you think?

In any case, there is an answer to be found for that particular conundrum. Alongside the actor Park Bo-gum, Lisa and V were given invitations to attend the Celine Fashion Show that took place during Paris Fashion Week. There was another urban legend that stated Lisa had purchased a private aircraft for herself, and that she had subsequently asked V and Park Bo-gum to travel to Paris with her on her own plane.

However, it turned out that the allegation was completely false because Celine was the one who paid for the private plane that the three of them flew on to go to Paris. But despite that, Lisa and V used their Instagram accounts to upload images taken while they were on the private plane, which led some people to believe that they were participating in a love-themed Instagram contest when in reality, none of them were.

It is everything there is to know about Lisa’s love life with BLACKPINK, as well as any facts relating to that! Even if the K-Pop idol has not yet found a serious partner, we should all keep our fingers crossed that in the not too distant future she will!

What are your thoughts on Lisa from BLACKPINK serving as an example of someone who would make a good girlfriend? Please leave a comment below with your thoughts on the subject, and don’t forget to share this post across all of your social media accounts!

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Who is BLACKPINK Lisa Boyfriend Now? Lisa ideal Type & Dating History

Who is BLACKPINK Lisa Boyfriend Now Lisa ideal Type & Dating History