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Truth Behind Zheng Shuang and Neo Hou Dating Rumors & Relationship

Zheng Shuang and Neo Hou Dating Rumors

The fact that Zheng Shuang was a victim of surrogacy and abandonment has dominated every page of every entertainment news publication.

There is no question that Zheng Shuang’s career has been destroyed as a direct result of this incident, despite the fact that the details of what actually occurred are not yet revealed.

A great number of admirers have begun to unfollow the artist before the truth is revealed because this is not a petty issue in any way, and the recordings are already in the public domain.

However, the issue has not been fixed up until this point. There are also rumors that Zheng Shuang had an affair with a male celebrity with the surname H. According to these rumors, Zheng Shuang was accused of having an affair with the celebrity. It is been speculated by some internet users that the actor in question is Neo Hou, who has previously collaborated with Zheng Shuan. In the evening, Neo Hou studio released a photo with the caption “Fake” in order to debunk the story.

According to a significant amount of material found online, when Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang ended their relationship. There are other factors at play besides the quality of the bond between us. The primary reason for this is that during their relationship, Zheng Shuang constantly sends texts with an “H” actor in them, which is what prompted Zhang Heng’s discontent with the situation.

There is a widespread belief that the actor identified as “H” is actually Neo Hou, the person to whom Zheng Shuan gave a dog. A lot of people started condemning Hou, and some even assume that he was the one who wrecked other people’s relationships. The volume of these remarks posted on the internet has a significant impact on both Hou Minghao’s professional life and personal life. Therefore, in order to establish that he is not the actor who plays “H,” his studio felt the need to post a “fake” term.

This situation has turned out to be exceedingly unfortunate for Neo Hou. Even though he was involved in the production of the new drama “A Chinese Ghost Story” by Zheng Shuang, it is anticipated that the show would not be aired as a result of the scandal.

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Neo Hou Girlfriend

The theme of love is one that will never become obsolete in this world. Everyone has the desire to have a relationship that will be remembered forever. Fans are constantly interested in the personal lives of public personalities, such as music stars and athletes. Neo Hou, I don’t know how many internet users were familiar with him when he performed in the “Cambrian Period.”

Everyone was drawn to him because of his fairy-like look, which had little canine teeth that were visible when he smiled.

He has a kind and endearing demeanor and a dashing good appearance. Even more impressive were his acting abilities in “When We Were Young.” As a result of this drama, he garners a lot of admiration.

Recently, he has been portraying a pair with Yang Chaoyue in the variety program “When We Write Love Story.” As a result, the Mingyueye CP has risen to the eighth position on the list of hit CPs.

In addition, he collaborated with Guan Xiaotong on the recently aired drama “A Girl Like Me.” They also appear to be flawless to one another.

Truth Behind Zheng Shuang and Neo Hou Dating Rumors & Relationship

Truth Behind Zheng Shuang and Neo Hou Dating Rumors & Relationship

Hou Minghao is a very talented young actor who possesses both a decent look and a strong body. Even though he is still young, he already has a tremendous number of followers and a very high level of popularity. Because he is such a remarkable celebrity, internet users are really curious about his perfect physical appearance. During an interview, Hou Minghao once discussed the qualities that he looks for in a partner. He stated his opinion unequivocally, stating that the female should have long hair parted down the middle, large eyes, and a tiny mouth.

There are approximately 158 centimeters of height above. It is clear that Neo Hou has a preference for the sort of female who is both little and adorable.

Aside from that, he mentioned that he is more of a believer in love at first sight than the perfect kind. When love is present, physical characteristics such as height and attractiveness become less important. The most essential factor, however, is that they both view one another as having the qualities of Mr. Right and Miss Right. Even though Neo Hou does not currently have a partner, one of his goals in life is to get married and start a family.

He gave the following description: there is a home with a garden, a dog, and a woman; the family is inside the garden, listening to music; and eventually, the child may grow up along with the dog….. In point of truth, Hou Minghao is not currently in a romantic relationship with any lady, regardless of the sort of girl he is attracted to. He is still relatively young, and he is making great strides in his profession. For the time being, he is the sole option for the role of a national boyfriend.

Zheng Shuang Husband

Zheng Shuang has tied the knot. As of the year 2018, Zheng was romantically involved with a Chinese producer named Zhang Heng. After a period of time together, they came to the decision to get married and exchanged their vows in the United States. However, in 2020 the pair revealed that they would no longer be together due to the surrogacy issue.

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Truth Behind Zheng Shuang and Neo Hou Dating Rumors & Relationship

Truth Behind Zheng Shuang and Neo Hou Dating Rumors & Relationship