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Yang Zi and Liu Xueyi Relationship & Dating Updates

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Yang Zi and Liu Xueyi Relationship

On August 11, 2022, it was reported by many gossip media outlets that Yang Zi and Liu Xueyi are said to be involved in a romantic relationship.

At Liu Xueyi’s birthday celebration on July 16, they were spotted eating the same piece of cake together, which was captured on camera. When Liu Xueyi went to Yang Zi’s house in the wee hours of the morning, she stayed there until 2:30 in the morning and did not leave until then.

Cooperating in various operas is how Yang Zi and Liu Xueyi first became acquainted with one another. Through their extensive work together over the last few years, Yang Zi and Liu Xueyi have developed a strong bond with one another. In addition, they are about the same age and have a wide range of things that they may discuss with one another. It has been claimed that Yang Zi and Liu Xueyi worked together on the production of the television series “Noble Aspirations” in 2016 and that they worked together once more on the production of “The Destiny of White Snake” in 2018.

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They were familiar with one another from their previous encounters. Even though Yang Zi had forgotten Liu Xueyi’s birthday, they nonetheless wished each other well and exchanged blessings on the occasion.

It was in April of this year that photographs were taken of Liu Xueyi paying a visit to Yang Zi with milk tea, and prior to that, Yang Zi had also provided milk tea for Liu Xueyi’s “Hua Mei” team to consume. The way in which they interacted with one another while working together was really adorable. The community is aware that they have been close friends for a significant amount of time. They made it clear that sharing a piece of cake did not signify anything at all. It is customary among friends to divide up the cake.

Their bond behind closed doors is very strong, despite the fact that they are not in regular touch with one another and hardly ever share the spotlight in public together.

It is important to note that in the past, there were reports that Zhang Yuxi and Liu Xueyi were dating each other.

Some gossip media took photographs of Zhang Yuxi and Liu Xueyi in the same neighbourhood in September 2021 and speculated that the two were involved in a romantic connection based on the images. Then, both studios disputed it, stating that they are neighbours who frequently see one other and live in the same neighbourhood. People on the internet remarked that there was at least a photo that showed Liu Xueyi peeling prawns for Zhang Yuxi at the time, but today there is not even a clear image of the two of them together. Why do people think that Liu Xueyi and Yang Zi are in love when there is no evidence?

Due to the fact that Yang Zi’s character has always been very upbeat and she is known to maintain cordial relationships with a large number of actors in the entertainment industry (including Zhang Yishan, Wang Junkai, Li Xian, Cheng Yi, etc.), the public finds it extremely difficult to believe the allegations made by the media.

Yang Zi is of the ideal age; even if she is romantically involved, the situation is perfectly natural.

Yang Zi responded to this rumour by denying it on Weibo, saying, “I’ve been friends with Xueyi for more than a decade, a group of friends celebrated his birthday together, and I attended at 8 o’clock and left at 11 o’clock because of filming the next day.”

Concerning the matter of Liu Xueyi eating the cake that was given to him, Yang Zi provided the following explanation: “each other ate their own cake, did share, he handed over the cake, asking me that is this taste awful, I responded yes, he did not feed me.” Since this is just a straightforward celebration for a friend’s birthday, we won’t go any farther in that direction. Liu Xueyi also wrote a message denying that she had a romantic relationship with Yang Zi and denied that she had fed Yang Zi cake. In the post, Liu Xueyi said, “I did not feed her the cake, the cake is so little, I ate it myself, next time I will purchase a nice cake.”

What are your thoughts on the relationship rumour that has been circulating around Liu Xueyi and Yang Zi?

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Yang Zi and Liu Xueyi Relationship & Dating Updates

Yang Zi and Liu Xueyi Relationship & Dating Updates

Yang Zi and Liu Xueyi Dating Rumors

Andy Yang Zi and Liu Xueyi have known each other for a long time, but recently, they have been subjected to a new round of dating speculation when the actress was seen sporting the same pair of sunglasses as Xueyi. Due to the fact that this coincidence is just one of many that point to their “close” relationship, many internet users, who believed her when she denied the dating rumours two months ago, now feel duped because they accused Yang Zi of lying and only pretending to clarify her relationship in order to get a rise out of the public.

Yang Zi is now on a holiday, but she has been keeping her admirers up to date on her travels by telling them about activities like going camping and eating supper at a friend’s house. Unexpectedly, one of her camping images that showed her wearing flower sunglasses attracted the attention of vigilant internet users, who quickly marked the sunglasses as a matching pair item between Yang Zi and Xueyi. Xueyi and Yang Zi were camping together at the time the photo was taken.

Although Yang Zi did not address the claims directly, a person claiming to be a member of the staff at the campground came forward with the information that the sunglasses in question do not belong to the actress and were, in fact, one of the picture props that were given by the camp. However, because the source was not apparent, internet users continued to assume that the person in question was most likely a fan who had claimed to be a member of the staff in order to assist Yang Zi in concealing her romantic involvement.

As a direct consequence of this, a number of Yang Zi’s followers became extremely angry with her and showered her with remarks such as, “What’s wrong with stating you’re in a relationship when you’re single anyway?” “You like flaunting the fact that you’re a pair, but you don’t want to confess that you’re dating. Do you believe that we’re a bunch of idiots?” It’s normal for celebrities to experience romantic feelings, but it’s a major problem when they lie about it! as well as “Don’t believe that all of us are blind!”

Despite the fact that many people are angry with Yang Zi, others have remarked that they believe the matter has been blown out of proportion by saying things like, “She claimed she’s not dating, but of course, anti-fans will always believe anything they want.” In the meanwhile, I will continue to have faith in Yang Zi!

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Yang Zi and Liu Xueyi Relationship & Dating Updates

Yang Zi and Liu Xueyi Relationship & Dating Updates