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Red Velvet Wendy Boyfriend: Wendy Ex-Boyfriend & Ideal Type 2023

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About Wendy

  • Stage Name: Wendy (웬디)
  • Title: Wendy Shon in the English Language
  • Shon Seung Wan  name in Korean.
  • The 21st of February, 1994 is my birthday.
  • Zodiac sign: Pisces
  • Height: 160 centimetres (5’3 inches) (Official) / 159 centimetres (5’3 inches) (Approx. real height)
  • * Weight: 47 kg (104 lbs)
  • O as the blood type
  • Follow Wendy on Instagram at @todayis wendy
  • She was born in the Seongbuk-dong neighbourhood of Seoul, which is located in South Korea.
  • — Members of the family: both parents and an elder sister (Son Seung-hee)
  • – Her colour is blue, and her nicknames are Olaf and Wan-ah. Blue is also her designated colour.
  • – Her mascots are the deer (who bring happiness to the #CookieJar) and the squirrel (Summer Magic onwards)
  • – The Blue-Fleshed Orange is the fruit that most represents her.
  • – The scissors she wielded was her signature weapon.
  • — The Blue Crush is the drink that most represents her (Ingredients: Blue-flesh Orange, Blue Cassette Tape, Blue Leaf-Tree)
  • – Instruments of Music as the Primary Focus (piano, guitar, flute and saxophone)
  • — Both Shattuck-Saint Mary’s School and Richmond Hill High School for his education.
  • – She stayed in Korea until the end of her fifth year of primary school, at which point she relocated to Canada with her elder sister in order to further her education elsewhere.
  • – When she was in the fifth grade, she moved away from Korea.
  • – She once uploaded videos to YouTube, however she has since deactivated her account. – She auditioned for Cube Entertainment before SM Entertainment.
  • – She was a member of the SM Rookies before the team’s debut.
  • She is able to communicate in both English and Korean.
  • – Wendy is well-known for the variety of expressions and reactions she possesses.
  • She is skilled at playing the piano, the guitar, the flute, and the saxophone.
  • – Her interests include hunting for obscure tunes, singing, cooking, and strolling around neighbourhoods filled with cafés.
  • – In addition, Wendy has worked along with the rapper Yuk Ji-dam on the song “Return,” which is one of the Original Soundtrack for the drama Who Are You: School 2015 on KBS2. The song was made available for purchase on June 8, 2015, and it made its debut on the Gaon Singles Chart at position #31.
  • – In October, she released a second song titled “Let You Know,” which was included in the soundtrack of the JTBC drama D-Day.
  • – She started appearing as a panellist on We Got Married on January 9, 2016, then on the following week’s programme (episode 43), which aired on January 24, 2016, she competed on King of Mask Singer under the stage name “Space Beauty Maetel.”
  • – Wendy has released a track with Ricky Martin titled “Vente Pa’ Ca,” which is a duet between the two artists.
  • – As part of SM Entertainment’s SM Station project, Wendy and Eric Nam’s duet track “Spring Love” was made available for digital purchase and streaming on March 4, 2016.
  • – She claims that the fact that both of her parents enjoy music is the reason why she does as well.
  • – Since she was 5 years old, she has known that she wants to have a career in singing.
  • – She enjoys a wide variety of musical styles.
  • – Both “Begin Again” and “The Fault in Our Stars” are among her top choices for a movie to watch. Her go-to style is laid-back and unfussy, so you’ll almost always find her in something uncomplicated.
  • – She always looks on the bright side of life and maintains an optimistic outlook.
  • – She sang in the soprano section of the Show Choir at Richmond Hill High School, where she was a member.
  • – She is able to perform a Christina Confalonieri impression.
  • She has a reputation for being a “reaction queen.”
  • – As a result of her upbringing in Canada, she is fluent in English.
  • – Her favourite number is 77.
  • The other participants voted her to be the member with the best overall health.
  • She is exceptionally bright, and she excelled academically throughout the course of her schooling. Her name is permanently carved in the hall of fame at the school, and she was awarded the Obama Presidential Award when she was in the eighth grade.
  • – She is fluent in English, Korean, Spanish, and French, among the four languages she is able to speak.
  • She does the nails of other members of the group.
  • She has an interest in learning how to play the jazz bass as well as the drums.
  • She is interested in becoming fluent in Chinese and Japanese so that she can talk to her admirers.
  • – Wendy was selected because she is the cast member that varies the most between her on-screen and off-screen persona. [Excerpt taken from the Gayo Plaza Radio Interview conducted by Red Flavor Promotions in 2017]
  • Wendy often stays up late at night in order to bake treats for other people.
  • Among all of the members, Wendy is the one with the lowest aegyo.
  • Wendy has an aversion to being outside in the sun.
  • Wendy mentioned that she is a great supporter of Joy. (Original time was 7:47)
  • The other members agree that Wendy’s natural beauty shines through even without the use of cosmetics.
  • – Irene has very excellent luck, whilst Wendy has a lot of misfortune in her life. (As can be seen in all of the videos and shows that they go to, Irene will always come out on top, while Wendy will come out on bottom.)
  • – LANY and The 1975 are two bands that Wendy enjoys listening to. (EYE CONTACT CAMERA) Eye contact camera.
  • While Wendy was in Dallas, she mentioned that the blaring of horns from passing vehicles is something that she enjoys hearing. (EYE CONTACT CAMERA) Eye contact camera.
  • She used to sleep in the same bed as Irene and Seulgi at one point.
  • After moving into their new apartment, every one of the young women now has their own private space to call their own.
  • – The accident occurred on December 25, 2019, during preparations for the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon. Wendy fell from the stage.
  • – She sustained fractures in her pelvis and wrist in addition to face injuries, so she decided to take a year off to heal from her injuries.
  • On April 5, 2021, Wendy made her debut as a solo artist by releasing her first mini-album titled “Like Water.”
  • – Wendy’s ideal customer is someone who is kind, considerate, and attractive when they laugh, as well as someone who maintains a healthy diet. somebody who is similar to her father.

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Red Velvet Wendy Boyfriend Wendy Ex-Boyfriend & Ideal Type 2023

Red Velvet Wendy Boyfriend Wendy Ex-Boyfriend & Ideal Type 2023

Red Velvet Wendy Boyfriend

Red Velvet’s Wendy is the undisputed vocal powerhouse of the group; she constantly nails the high-pitched line in their songs and makes them sound incredible. Wendy had never been on a date before; while she attempted to get experience, the lie detector indicated that this was not the case.

Despite this, fans continue to imagine a romantic relationship between her and Suga from BTS since individuals like to create their own dating fantasies based on the characters or preferences they find appealing. There is no evidence to support the notion that these two characters are dating; this is only a ship that has been created by their followers.

Red Velvet Wendy Dating Rumor With MONSTA X Minhyuk

After a well-known YouTuber named Sojang dropped a clue that Wendy and Minhyuk were romantically involved with each other in March of this year, internet users started to speculate about the nature of the connection between the two celebrities.

Young Street is a radio programme that Wendy hosts on SBS Radio. In November of 2021, members of MONSTA X made a special visit on the programme.

Sojang pointed out that Minhyuk had made multiple statements that may have implicitly disclosed his love sentiments for the member of Red Velvet, and while their guest participation on the show appeared regular most of the time, Sojang pointed out that Minhyuk had made these comments.


According to Sojang, one of the most noteworthy things he said to Wendy was, “I typically lie in bed while looking at my phone, but now I will listen to Wendy’s radio show.”


Due to the fact that the others were at a loss for words, the mood rapidly grew unpleasant. Even now, Wendy can be seen drinking water fast while appearing to be attempting to figure out what her response should be. The conversation was swiftly redirected by Minhyuk’s bandmates Joohoney and Hyungwon in an effort to defuse the tension and rescue the moment.

Sojang then pointed out that all throughout the show, Minhyuk would glance at Wendy with “love eyes.” Wendy was the subject of Sojang’s observation. In addition, Sojang mentions that Minhyuk would typically be lively and upbeat during broadcasts, but he appears to be a little more nervous on Wendy’s show than he would be otherwise.

Another element that was brought to attention was the fact that Minhyuk moved closer to Wendy as they were taking their group shot, despite the fact that the other members of the group were standing on Wendy’s opposite side.

After this, internet users responded to the claims that Wendy and Minhyuk were dating in a variety of different ways. Some people have the opinion that the clues were not sufficient to indicate that a love relationship exists between Minhyuk and Wendy, but others are of the opinion that Minhyuk does have some feelings for Wendy.

Furthermore, neither Wendy’s nor Minhyuk’s respective labels have commented on the matter, indicating that the dating rumour is nothing more than that: a rumour.

Red Velvet’s Wendy Ideal Type

Wendy’s vision of the perfect companion is someone who is thoughtful, upbeat, and genuinely enjoys making her laugh. Additionally, Wendy mentioned in the variety programme Knowing Bros that the type of man she is interested in is one who is kind and loving, similar to a father figure.

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Red Velvet Wendy Boyfriend: Wendy Ex-Boyfriend & Ideal Type 2023

Red Velvet Wendy Boyfriend Wendy Ex-Boyfriend & Ideal Type 2023