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What Is Wang Kai and Tan Songyun Relationship In Real-Life?

Wang Kai and Tan Songyun Drama Flight To You

The story centres on the life of the Luzhou Airlines flight crew and the different challenges they face on a daily basis. Cheng Xiao, an aspiring pilot, must learn to get along with her incredibly stern instructor Gu Nan Ting while also navigating a field where men predominate and women aren’t given much respect. Making friends and swiftly adjusting to her circumstances, she does it by relying on her abilities, strength, and ingenuity. Gu Nan Ting starts to not only trust Cheng Xiao as they work together in both life-altering circumstances and different emergencies but also feels the same way about her as she does about him. Can their stressful profession and the ghosts of his past allow fate to ultimately lead them to each other and a happy relationship?

Wang Kai and Tan Songyun Relationship

The popular drama “Flight to You,” which starred Wang Kai and Tan Songyun, recently came to an end. The good drama makes the audience clamour for more. The second season is anticipated.

Gu Nanting and Cheng Xiao, the drama’s central characters, share very few intimate moments together, but their relationship has evolved from being “enemies,” unclear, and estranged to one of love. The two actors gave such a unique and heartfelt performance.

In the drama, Wang Kai portrays Captain Gu Nanting, who has been suppressing his emotions ever since his ex-girlfriend died in a plane crash. He gave his task his all, and everyone feared him because of his serious demeanour.

He also has a very direct approach to relationships, frequently missing out on cues from others.

The crowd as a whole loved Wang Kai’s portrayal of this civil aircraft captain.

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The total opposite of Gu Nanting, Tan Songyun’s Cheng Xiao is vivacious and endearing, with a genuine, upbeat, and energetic demeanour.

The same can be said for Cheng Xiao, who is likewise very competent, accountable, and motivated at work. Model aeroplanes and flight plans are all over her house, and she even practises flying every day.

Netizens initially did not have a lot of hope for this CP. Since Tan Songyun looks incredibly little and Wang Kai appears overly adult, their temperaments are not comparable.

What Is Wang Kai and Tan Songyun Relationship In Real-Life

What Is Wang Kai and Tan Songyun Relationship In Real-Life

Regardless of the character or the performers’ personalities, it can be argued that they are highly different, however, they play CP without exhibiting any inconsistencies.

According to our theory, Tan Songyun’s acting abilities significantly assist Wang Kai, ensuring that their interaction is never awkward in any manner.

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It is mainly up to Cheng Xiao to drive the plot because Gu Nanting’s character is designed to be too passive, and Tan Songyun’s animated and enthusiastic performance has cemented Cheng Xiao’s character in the ground.

Tan Songyun portrays the part too naturally, exactly like a friend or coworker in real life, just as authentic as the tales we hear all around us. What man can resist a woman who is actively seeking the person she wants, is not hiding, and has no crush on them? Who wouldn’t find it amusing to watch?

They are too compatible, and while there aren’t many intimate situations, the netizen’s statement is endearing. It’s a perfect combination that Wang Kai and Tan SongYun created the “Nan De Xiao Ting CP.”

“The plane’s captain, flight attendant, and pilots are all tempted by all types of fantastic uniforms, which are also really eye-catching, right? I genuinely enjoy it.

The audience can really relate to the acting since it is so outstanding.

The best match is an older man who is attractive and has acting talent who is with a loli.

“Even though I haven’t read the original, I really think that these two actors did a great job acting. I went from not looking good at first to madly shipping the CP,” the viewer said.

You may have seen “Flight to You.” Do you enjoy the music of Tan Songyun and Wang Kai’s “Nan De Xiao Ting CP”?

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What Is Wang Kai and Tan Songyun Relationship In Real-Life?

What Is Wang Kai and Tan Songyun Relationship In Real-Life