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The Legend of Jewelry Drama Release Date, Cast, Story 2024

  • Drama: The Legend of Jewelry
  • Country: China
  • Language: Chinese
  • Status: Upcoming
  • Episodes: 38
  • Aired: 2024 – ?
  • Original Network: Youku
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
  • Native Title: 珠帘玉幕
  • Also Known As: Pearl Curtain and Jade Curtain , Zhu Lian Yu Mu , 珠簾玉幕
  • Director: Xie Ze
  • Screenwriter: Ma Sha Sha
  • Genres: Historical, Business, Romance, Drama
  • Tags: Jewelry Business, Adapted From A Web Novel, Poet Supporting Character, Businessman Male Lead, Merchant Male Lead, Slave Female Lead, Competent Female Lead, Small Business, Escaping, Ruthless Male Lead


Zhao Lu Si as Duan Wu / Su Mu Zhe

Liu Yu Ning as Yan Zi Jing

Tang Xiao Tian in Main Role

Chloe Xie in Support Role

Zhang Li in Support Role

Gao Lu in Support Role

Huang Hai Bing in Support Role

Fan Yu Jie in Support Role

Zhang Kai Tai in Support Role

Meng Zhi Xu in Support Role

Dong Yan in Support Role

Zhang Xi Qian in Support Role

Gao Shu Guang in Support Role

Huang Jun Peng uin Support Role

Ding Xiao Ying in Support Role

Smile Wei in Support Role

Winnie Yu In Support Role

Qi Xiang in Support Role

Fu Bo Han in Support Role

Cola Yao in Guest Role

Shen Chi in Guest Role

Release Date:

The drama will be released in 2024 but the official date has not been announced yet.


The trailed has not been released.

The Legend of Jewelry Story:

During the early Tang Dynasty, a Hepu girl engaged in pearl fishing sought refuge from her troubles during the Dragon Boat Festival. Poet Zhang Jin Ran intervened at a critical juncture to aid her escape. Seeking to uncover her past, Duan Wu joined the caravan of Su Te Hang merchant Yan Zi Jing, utilizing her sharp wit to excel in jewelry trade. She forged a profound bond with Nianyu’s Lady Yue Yun Xiu and, under Yan Zi Jing’s tutelage, transitioned from a pearl-centric focus to embrace the wider world of jewelry. However, she found herself ensnared in a perilous game orchestrated by Yan Zi Jing, narrowly escaping death.

Driven by a quest for truth, Duan Wu ventured to Yangzhou, earning the moniker “tortoiseshell armor.” Collaborating with Yue Yun Xiu, they established the Mirror Stage platform, challenging conventional jeweler norms by introducing colored glaze and sapphire to a market dominated by white jewelry. Their innovations broadened local aesthetic sensibilities, positioning them as industry pioneers.

The Legend of Jewelry Release Date, Cast, Story 2024

The Legend of Jewelry Release Date, Cast, Story 2024

A fortuitous reunion with Zhang Jin Ran marked a turning point, their bond unbreakable this time. Yet, on the cusp of her guild leadership, she was betrayed by former ally Zheng Zhi Heng. Rescued by Zhang Jin Ran from the brink of demise, Duan Wu confronted Zheng Zhi Heng, staging a triumphant return to reclaim her leadership role and guide the Yangzhou guild to new heights in jewelry artistry.

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Home » The Legend of Jewelry Drama Release Date, Cast, Story 2024

The Legend of Jewelry Drama Release Date, Cast, Story 2024

The Legend of Jewelry Release Date, Cast, Story 2024