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TD Bank Login & TD Bank Customer Services Detail 2024

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TD Bank Login

The Portland Savings Bank, which was created in Portland, Maine, in 1852, is credited with establishing the bank’s roots. The bank was renamed Banknorth after a sequence of mergers and acquisitions occurred over the period of more than a century, resulting in its current name. In 2007, the TD Bank Group of Toronto, Canada, completed the formal acquisition of Banknorth and rebranded it TD Banknorth. The current-day TD Bank moniker is the product of a rebranding process initiated following TD Bank Group’s acquisition of Commerce Bank in 2008 and completed in 2009.

Today’s TD Bank provides its customers with free, easy-to-use online banking, allowing them to pay bills, transfer or send money, view bank statements, purchase checks, and update personal information, all in a safe and secure environment. Create the TD Bank login that you’ll need to access these features with the assistance of these instructions.

How To Set Up a TD Bank Login

In order to create your TD Bank login, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Online Banking “Sign up” button on the TD Bank homepage and pick the accounts you wish to enroll in online banking with TD Bank.
  • Review and agree with the TD Bank Online Banking Agreement before continuing.
  • Fill out the form with your details and select a username and password.
  • Continue the process by selecting Continue and then following the on-screen instructions.

How To Log In To Your TD Bank Account From a Computer

To access your bank account from a computer, go to the TD Bank homepage and click on the “Log in” button on the right side of the page. To access online banking services, proceed to the next screen and enter your username and password.

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How To Log In To Your TD Bank Account From a Mobile Phone or Tablet

When you’re on the go and not in front of a computer, you may still log into your bank account using a mobile banking application. Apps are available for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play, respectively, for iPhones and Android devices.

Once you have downloaded the app, all you have to do is enter your TD Bank login information to begin banking. You have the ability to deposit checks, pay bills, send money, and examine statements at your convenience.

How To Retrieve a Forgotten Username or Password

Finding your lost or forgotten account or password is a simple process. Click on “Forgot user name and/or password?” to get help on the login form. The system will prompt you to decide whether you require your username, your password, or both, and will then guide you through the process of retrieving the information you have forgotten.

How To View Your TD Statement Information

By entering into online banking and selecting the account for which you want to see statements, you may access your statements quickly and easily. By selecting the “Statements and Notices” page, you can see your statements or download them as PDF files by selecting the drop-down box in the top right corner of the screen.

How To Contact TD If You Have Trouble With Your Account

Call TD Bank Customer Service at 888-751-9000 for general assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Here are some additional resources for assistance:

  • Pay a visit to a nearby branch.
  • Send TD Bank a message on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Visit the TD Bank Help Center to search for solutions to common problems in a knowledge base of solutions.

What Are the Benefits of Online Banking?

Banking transactions can be handled through online banking and the mobile app, which are accessible from any computer, tablet, or smartphone with an internet connection. By using online banking, you can save time by avoiding travels to a physical branch and banking from the comfort of your own home. You can also check electronic statements and make bill payments.

Aside from that, you can set up personalized banking alerts, such as one that notifies you if your balance falls below or rises beyond a specified threshold. Take advantage of this offer immediately to get the most out of your TD bank account.

TD Bank Review

TD Bank offers a variety of accounts to suit any need, including checking and savings accounts, credit cards, personal loans, and home equity lines of credit. In addition to decreasing or eliminating fees, linking your accounts allows you to receive reimbursement for ATM fees charged in foreign countries.

TD Bank Checking Accounts

In addition to traditional checking accounts, TD Bank also offers a variety of other financial products.

When you have direct deposits of $5,000 or more per statement cycle, or when you maintain a $2,500 minimum balance, or when you have a cumulative balance of $25,000 across eligible accounts, there is no annual cost for TD Beyond Checking. If you do not meet one of these requirements, you will be charged a $25 fee.

You can avoid the $15 monthly cost by keeping a $100 minimum daily balance with Convenience Checking, although this requirement is waived for students and individuals between the ages of 17 and 23.

If you maintain a minimum daily balance of $2,500 or more, you will receive interest at a rate of 0.01 percent annual percentage yield (APY) and will be reimbursed for other banks’ ATM costs. Fees for expedited bill payments, outgoing wire transfers, and up to two overdrafts per year will also be repaid to the extent possible.

TD Simple Checking does not require a minimum balance and has a $5.99 monthly service fee. A no-frills account that gives you access to the mobile app, as well as a discount on your first order of checks, is available.

TD Essential Banking is a “checkless” account that allows you to access your debit card and pay your bills online. Children aged 13 to 17 who register an account with a secondary owner are not subject to any minimum balance requirements, and the $4.95 monthly maintenance cost is waived for those under the age of 18. You won’t be able to spend more than what’s in your account because there are no overdraft services, making it an excellent choice for a first checking account.

Customers who open a TD Beyond Checking account or a TD Convenience Checking account and make qualifying direct deposits will be eligible to receive $300 or $150, respectively, from TD.

The debit cards associated with your TD Bank checking account can be issued immediately, and you can have your card replaced at the curb if it is lost, stolen, or destroyed. You’ll also get access to the TD Bank mobile app, as well as the ability to send and receive money using Zelle.

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TD Bank Savings Accounts

Beyond Savings and Simple Savings are two types of savings accounts offered by TD Bank.

When you maintain a daily balance of $250,000 or more, Beyond Savings pays 0.02 percent annual percentage yield (APY). By linking your Beyond Savings account to another TD Bank account, you will receive a higher interest rate dependent on the amount of money in your account. The following are the bump rates:

  • $0.02 – $19,9999.99: 0.01% APY
  • $20,000 – $49,999.99: 0.02% APY
  • $50,000 – $99,999.99: 0.03% APY
  • $100,000 – $249,999.99: 0.04% APY
  • $250,000 and up: 0.05% APY

If you maintain a minimum daily amount of $20,000 in your Beyond Savings account or link your Beyond Savings account to a TD Beyond Checking account, you can avoid paying the $15 monthly maintenance fee.

Simple Savings offers an annual percentage yield of 0.02 percent on any balance. Maintain a minimum daily balance of $300 in the account or link the account to a TD Beyond Checking account to avoid paying the $5 monthly maintenance fee.

TD Bank Money Market Accounts

The first month after you open your new TD Growth Money Market account, you will receive an interest rate increase if you deposit at least $50 per month from your linked TD Bank Checking account into the account. The basic interest rate for this account is 0.01 percent annual percentage yield (APY), however, the bump rate increases as your account balance grow.

The following are the bump rates:

  • $0.01 – $1,999.99: 0.01% APY
  • $2,000 – $24,999.99: 0.02% APY
  • $25,000 and up: 0.03% APY

It is possible to avoid paying the $12 monthly maintenance fee if you maintain a daily balance of at least $2,000 in your money market account or if you are 62 years old or older.

TD Bank Login & TD Bank Customer Services Detail 2023

TD Bank Login & TD Bank Customer Services Detail 2023

TD Bank CD Accounts

TD Bank offers TD Choice Promotional CDs with periods ranging from three months to five years, which are available at competitive rates. Regardless of the length of the term or the nature of the relationship, the interest rate is 0.05 percent APY.

You can also purchase a TD No-Catch CD, which pays the same 0.05 percent annual percentage yield as the TD No-Catch CD but allows you to make one withdrawal without incurring any penalties throughout the term.

The TD Step Rate CD is available in two different terms: three years and five years. The rate begins at 0.10 percent annual percentage yield (APY) and grows incrementally each year, reaching 0.25 percent in year five. On top of that, you are entitled to one penalty-free withdrawal on each anniversary.

Best Features of TD Bank

Take a look at some of the factors that were considered in determining TD Bank’s overall score.

Account Opening Bonus

The account opening incentive is becoming increasingly scarce, and the prerequisites to qualify for one are growing more onerous. To take advantage of TD Bank’s offer, simply create a new checking account with direct deposit and you will receive either $300 or $150, depending on the account you choose.

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Existing TD checking account holders who want to open a savings account will receive an additional $200, but they must first deposit $20,000 into their checking account.

Breadth of Products

Aside from checking and savings accounts, TD Bank provides a wide range of financial products, including home mortgages, vehicle loans, credit cards, and more. Additionally, there is a lot of information available on the website to assist you in making your money work as hard as it possibly can.

Customer Service

A toll-free number where you can speak with a real person at any time of day or night, seven days a week is truly astounding.

Mobile App

The TD Bank mobile application receives positive feedback from consumers. Users have given it a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars in the Apple App Store and 4.6 out of 5 stars on Google Play.

Other Factors to Consider


1.140 branches are located in the Northeast, Mid-Atlantic region, Washington metropolitan area (including the District of Columbia), Carolinas, and Florida. It possesses assets of $415 billion.

How TD Bank Stacks Up Against Competitors

Though a regional bank, TD Bank can compete with national banks in terms of product offerings, interest rates, and fees despite its regional location. What distinguishes it from the competition is its accessibility — most sites are open seven days a week, and customer support is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

TD Bank vs. Chase Bank

If you’re considering other large banks, you might want to look at Chase Bank, which offers a wide range of credit card options, each with its own set of rewards. In the event that having the “ideal” credit card is crucial to you, Chase is a wonderful alternative to consider.

TD Bank vs. Wells Fargo

It may be preferable to use Wells Fargo because it is a national bank with 7,200 branch locations and 13,000 ATMs countrywide, making it a more convenient option if you require a bank that is accessible from anywhere in the country. TD Bank branches, on the other hand, are open more days and for a longer period of time than Wells Fargo.

TD Bank vs. Bank of America

If you’re looking for a bank that has a national reach as well as a large range of goods, Bank of America is an excellent option to investigate further. With products ranging from student checking accounts for those just getting started to big investment portfolios for the well-heeled, Bank of America has something for just about everyone.


The tagline of TD Bank, ‘America’s Most Convenient Bank,’ is not a marketing gimmick. You can conduct your banking business at any time thanks to a large number of physical branches throughout its service region, longer hours than other banks, and 24-hour telephone customer support.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions concerning TD Bank, as well as their answers.

Is TD Bank a lender for mortgages?

Mortgages, as well as home equity loans and lines of credit, are available from TD Bank.

Is TD Bank available throughout the world?

Across the eastern United States, TD Bank branches can be found in the Northeast, mid-Atlantic, Washington, D.C. metro area, the Carolinas, and Florida, to name a few locations.

Is TD Bank a large financial institution?

TD Bank is one of the top ten largest banks in the United States, employing more than 25,000 people and managing $1.73 trillion in assets.

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TD Bank Login & TD Bank Customer Services Detail 2024

TD Bank Login & TD Bank Customer Services Detail 2023