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Who is Exo Suho Girlfriend? Suho Ex-girlfriends & Ideal Type 2023

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Suho, a member of EXO, is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most eligible bachelors in the world today. In addition to being one of the most skilled K-pop idols of today, many fans also follow the “Love Shot” singer because he has gorgeous looks and a trimmed figure. This is one of the main reasons why he is so popular.

So, is Suho seeing someone behind everyone’s backs? Is he still without a girlfriend? Continue reading to learn more about this EXO member, who possesses a wide range of skills and is quite attractive.

EXO Suho Girlfriend

According to several reports, Suho, a member of EXO, is not secretly seeing anyone at this time and is now single. The singer who achieved success with the song “Growl” revealed that his very first meaningful relationship occurred when he was still in high school, despite the fact that the idol has been extremely outspoken in the past about having fans.

Suho acknowledged that he had dated his ex-lover for a total of two years and that she was his very first love. He also confessed that she was his first love. The member of EXO also revealed that he would sing for his lover while they were having candle-lit meals, something he would sometimes do with his girlfriend.

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Suho, a member of EXO, discussed his ideal type during an appearance on “Youngha’s Starry Night.” According to Suho, the person he wants to date is someone who shares his passion for literature and preferably has long hair. The K-pop singer expressed his desire to spend some quiet time with his girlfriend as they had the experience of reading a wonderful book together.

EXO Suho and Irene

Suho was the subject of several relationship rumors in the past, just like any other famous figure is or has been. After the members of EXO and Red Velvet’s Irene were seen interacting with one another in SM Town Dubai, it was speculated that the EXO member was involved in a romantic connection with Irene.

There was more gasoline added to the flames when photos emerged of EXO Suho and Red Velvet Irene strolling together in Hawaii. The devoted fans of the two South Korean artists even observed that they were wearing identical outfits as they walked alongside one another.

Suho and Sana

There were also reports that the member of EXO known as Suho was dating the member of TWICE known as Sana. The K-pop singers prompted relationship rumors after they released the same images from the same locations in the same month. This led some people to believe that they had spent time with each other because the photos appeared to have been taken during the same month.

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Who is Exo Suho Girlfriend Suho Ex-girlfriends & Ideal Type 2023

Who is Exo Suho Girlfriend Suho Ex-girlfriends & Ideal Type 2023

In addition to this, both of them were seen going about their own activities on the same day while wearing orange-colored hoodies, the same as the one that was seen on the other. When TWICE Sana posted a picture of her on Instagram with the message “Do you like it too? “, things started to get more intriguing for everyone involved. Following that, EXO member Suho uploaded a picture of himself to Instagram with the remark “I enjoy it.”

Exo Suho Dating Rumore With Blackpink Jisoo

After purportedly sharing practically identical photographs on their respective social media accounts, EXO Suho and BLACKPINK Jisoo were suspected to be dating each other, leading to the speculation that they were an item. The singer who is known for the song “Obsession” was spotted in Brooklyn, as was the singer who is known for the song “Lovesick Girls,” who subsequently uploaded a picture of herself on the Brooklyn Bridge. Fans of both began to mistakenly believe that the two were dating at the same time, which is to be expected.

In addition, the member of EXO known as Suho, and the member of BLACKPINK known as Jisoo are said to have comparable images from when they visited Universal Studios in Hollywood and Paris, respectively. The two idols were even caught on camera wearing the same necklace, a cap that was very similar to the other one, the same flower, and striking stances that were quite similar to one another.

Although there is no question that Suho has good chemistry with BLACKPINK Jisoo, TWICE Sana, and Red Velvet Irene, it is crucial to remember that since he debuted as a member of EXO in 2012, he has never confirmed dating a female idol. Even his management company, SM Entertainment, did not discuss the idol’s personal life or provide any facts about it. Therefore, loyal fans of Suho should treat all of these unconfirmed dating rumors with a significant amount of skepticism until it is demonstrated that everything is accurate and factual.

EXO Suho Ideal Type

If you want to acquire Suho, you should try to imitate his ideal type, which is a person who is shorter than him and has black hair that is quite long. Because he dreams of having a girlfriend with whom he can share literary works when they cuddle up together by the window, it is necessary for her to be well-read. Despite the fact that he doesn’t care about skin, Suho has a thing for ladies who have double eyelids.

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Who is Exo Suho Girlfriend? Suho Ex-girlfriends & Ideal Type 2023

Who is Exo Suho Girlfriend Suho Ex-girlfriends & Ideal Type 2023