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Who is Sehun Girlfriend Now? Sehun Ex-Girlfriend & Ideal Type 2023

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Who is EXO Oh Sehun Girlfriend?

Since his debut with EXO, Sehun has quickly been in the public spotlight and has the most followers compared to other members of the group. As we already know, Sehun is the youngest member or maknae of the popular boy band in South Korea known as EXO. It is true that he has a lovely face, and his skin is white. In addition, he has a very friendly personality, therefore he is extremely polite to his followers.

There’s no doubt that he receives a great deal of affection from his followers, and even many of his followers, so it’s only natural that some of you would like to be a part of Sehun’s life, right?

At this time, Sehun is not openly involved with anybody. It has not been established who he is dating at this time if anyone at all. However, Sehun has disclosed the characteristics of the perfect lady for him, and he finds that he is drawn to women who are concerned about him. It was also said that he was romantically involved with another female idol.

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Let’s take a look at the specifics of Sehun’s romantic life, beginning with his current partner and moving on to dating rumors and his ideal type. Keep reading!

Sehun is currently Single

It is common knowledge that Sehun does not have a girlfriend and that he does not currently have one either. Since Sehun’s debut till the present day, there has never been a public confirmation that he is in a relationship, which most likely indicates that he does not have a girlfriend.

Who knows, it might also imply that Sehun manages to keep his romantic involvement a secret and avoids getting detected. Let’s just assume that Sehun does not have a significant other as long as there is no evidence to the contrary, shall we?

In any case, Sehun has established his criteria for the kind of lady he would like to date, despite the fact that he is currently not in a relationship. Check out the session that’s been posted down below to learn more about the type of women Sehun is attracted to.

Sehun Ideal Type

During one of his interviews, Sehun once discussed the ideal woman for him. Sehun can’t help but fall in love with a girl who genuinely cares about him. a young lady who would look out for him in the event that he was harmed. When it comes to appearance, he prefers a female who has wide eyes, light skin, and a naturally pleasant aroma; someone who appears to be spotless and unspoiled.

He also mentioned that the woman of his dreams should have an outgoing and lively attitude. When it comes to outward appearance, the ideal type is someone who has wide eyes, pale skin, and a pleasant aroma. In addition, they should have a pleasant scent. It is necessary that she be pure and also blameless. Additionally, he wants his perfect female to nurse him back to health whenever he gets wounded. Her ideal height would fall anywhere between 167 and 169 centimeters, and her ideal weight would be somewhere around 43 kilograms.

Sehun, on the other hand, only just disclosed his most current sort of dream woman. During an interview, he described the kind of lady who would be perfect for him. He stated, “Other members frequently poke fun at that, but I couldn’t care less about it.” In the same way that BaekHyun was responsible for starting a new fashion trend with that yellow t-shirt, I’d like to announce that my newly altered ideal type is a woman who wears slippers. I do care about clothing… Yes, I do care Umm… about putting on slippers, and appearing sloppy – so you need to pay careful attention to apparel such as t-shirts, slacks, and other things.”

Are we able to consider Oh Sehun’s ideal type at this point?

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Who is Sehun Girlfriend Now Sehun Ex-Girlfriend & Ideal Type 2023

Who is Sehun Girlfriend Now Sehun Ex-Girlfriend & Ideal Type 2023

Oh Sehun’s Dating Rumor with Girl’s Generation’s YoonA

There was speculation that Sehun was romantically involved with a member of Girl’s Generation named Im YoonA. At the time, there was a photograph of Sehun and Yoona spending time together somewhere that was being passed about. The identity of YoonA was deduced based on the petite appearance of the female idol in question. The individual, in terms of both his physical appearance and his sense of style, is practically identical to Sehun (EXO).

Sehun is the type of person who always wears a cap whenever he is outside of the house, thus he favors wearing casual sportswear, a boom, wide elastic slacks, and especially caps. In contrast to what can be observed on the stage, the pair in the photograph appears to be laughing about and having a good time in the image. Additionally, the woman is comparable to YoonA. Because one of Sehun’s ideal kinds is a woman who is at least four years older than her, a growing number of admirers are beginning to believe the allegations that these two are dating. It is common knowledge that Sehun was born in the year 1994 and that YoonA was born in the year 1990.

Oh Sehun’s Dating Rumor with Girl’s Generation’s YoonA

However, Sehun was eager to clarify that he did not have a particular relationship with YoonA, who was his senior. The only reason they are so close is that they are juniors and seniors.

So, let me ask you this: what are your thoughts on this rumor?

A Fan Claiming She is Oh Sehun’s Girlfriend

However, there is only one fan who asserts that she is Oh Sehun’s girlfriend, despite the fact that there are likely many other fans who have the same goal of becoming Sehun’s girlfriend. She disclosed this information on the personal Instagram account she maintains.

Sehun tweeted the following in response to this: “Who are you? With the image above, he asked, “Do I really have to go this far?” and put it on his Instagram account. It is not known if the message is intended for the fans or the Facebook page; nonetheless, it would appear that he was genuinely outraged by the circumstance in order to write about it.

The person who owns the account, who goes by the alias Hana, responded to one of the comments concerning whether or not she is Sehun’s girlfriend. The response that Hana gave was, “Well, are you crazy? Do not tell me, and “May you always be happy!” ”

Due to the fact that Hana has been caught stealing images from the internet in the past, this cannot necessarily be trusted. Hana, aware that she was creating a commotion among her followers, promptly posted a number of “strange” images, one of which was a picture of a female dressed as a snake.

So, tell me, what are your thoughts on this matter?

EXO Sehun Dating Rumor With Red Velvet Irene

Both EXO Sehun and Red Velvet Irene are performers signed to SM Entertainment, which is well known among fans. Since they were both trainees at the same time, the two are familiar with one another. However, reports about them being in a relationship didn’t start spreading until 2016, after they appeared in a photoshoot for the magazine CéCi and had excellent chemistry.

However, even before they did their photoshoot with the magazine, this rumor had already been making the rounds on the internet in Korea. In point of fact, “Irene Sehun” has emerged as one of the most sought-after search terms on the internet.

EXO Sehun Dating Rumor With Red Velvet Irene

During the photo shoot for CéCi magazine, the models Sehun and Irene posed together as a couple in a romantic setting. The magazine revealed photographs and videos from behind the scenes, which the fans interpreted to mean that the idols were engaging in romantic or sexual activity with one another. The chemistry that they demonstrated looked much too real to have been staged.

Some Internet users pointed up the fact that EXO Kai and f(x) Krystal also showed remarkable chemistry during a photo shoot with W magazine; later on, the two of them went on to date in real life.

Following the commencement of an online dating rumor between EXO Sehun and Red Velvet Irene, internet users dug up some old images of the two of them together to serve as evidence of their connection. Among the “pieces of proof” are a handful of photographs that show Sehun and Irene spending time together in Hawaii (the images were captured after they allegedly went for a swim). During that time period, SM Entertainment sent nearly all of its staff on a trip to Hawaii to participate in a professional development seminar.

In addition to this, internet users have pointed out that both of the idols published a photo to their respective Instagram accounts when they were reportedly on vacation in Hawaii. People on the internet have speculated that the two were on a romantic driving date since the photographs show a sky at sunset. They believe that the two may be more than friends or in a relationship of senior and junior status.

Even though reports about EXO Sehun’s relationship with Red Velvet Irene were circulating online at the time, SM Entertainment did not issue a statement addressing the matter in any official capacity.

That is all there is to know about Oh Sehun’s girlfriend, as stated above. Even if he hasn’t named his girlfriend just yet, let’s keep our fingers crossed that he’ll meet the woman who will complete him eventually. Be sure to share this post on all of your different social media platforms if you want any other followers of Sehun to know about this development.

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Who is Sehun Girlfriend Now? Sehun Ex-Girlfriend & Ideal Type 2023

Who is Sehun Girlfriend Now Sehun Ex-Girlfriend & Ideal Type 2023