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What are Pork Belly cuts? Best Pork Belly Substitute 2023

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Pork belly is the flesh from the pig’s stomach. It becomes bacon when sliced and cured. Pork belly, whether whole or chopped into smaller slices, reacts nicely to wet heat cooking, becoming a fork-tender.

Pork belly is a flavorful cut with a fat texture that makes it tastier than other forms of meat. It’s also incredibly versatile, so you may use it in a variety of dishes.

Pork Belly: What Is It?

Pork belly is a cheap, fatty cut of meat from the pig’s underbelly, near the loin. This is also where you’ll find spareribs. The belly is one continuous section with the skin on and weighs roughly 12 pounds when whole. To make bacon, the skin is removed and salted, cured, and smoked. It’s Italian pancetta if it’s salted and cured but not smoked.) Pork bellies are more commonly found in northern European and Asian cuisines.

Pork Belly Cooking Instructions

Pork belly is ideally slow-cooked to break down the connective tissue in the flesh for a tender chew and silky-soft fat. Alternatively, the belly can be sliced into smaller pieces and cooked in the same way. Score the skin and then sear or broil it to crisp it up. To increase flavour, massage the skin with only salt or a spice blend in either case.

Allow it to remain in the refrigerator uncovered for several hours or overnight to deepen the seasoning and dry off the skin, making it crispier. When the meat is done, check to see if the juices flow clear and the meat is readily penetrated with the tip of a knife. Because the quantity of fat on a pig varies, be sure to allow enough time for the belly to properly cook for a meltingly tender outcome.

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What Is the Taste of Pork Belly?

Pork belly flesh has a moderate flavour, similar to pork loin. The coating of fat that breaks down and enrobes the flesh gives it a rich, unctuous flavour. As a result, bright fresh vegetables like citrus, fresh herbs, scallions, lettuce, and cucumber are frequently used to balance out the richness of pork belly meals.

Recipes for Pork Belly

Pork belly is used in meals where the flesh is cooked slowly and/or moist to achieve a soft and supple texture. If the skin is left on, it can be crisped under the broiler or seared in a skillet at the conclusion of the cooking process.

Where Can I Get Pork Belly?

The pork belly was once exclusively available in larger butcher shops or Asian markets, but due to its popularity, it is now available in several better-stocked grocery stores, supermarket chains, and box stores. It can be purchased whole, with a thick coating of skin, or sliced into thin strips for bacon production.

How to Keep Pork Belly Fresh?

Raw pork belly that has been sealed and well-wrapped will keep for 3 to 5 days in the fridge (40°F or below) or for up to 6 months in the freezer (0°F or below). Any leftovers should be stored in an airtight container for 2 to 3 days.

What are Pork Belly cuts? Best Pork Belly Substitute 2022

Substitutes for Pork Belly

Here are some wonderful pork belly alternatives that have a similar flavour and texture to pork belly and make no discernible differences when added to a meal that calls for pork belly. Pig belly, on the other hand, is a pricey meat cut that can be difficult to come by, but you can get a similar savoury flavour and tastiness by utilising the best pork belly replacements.

Pork Bacon, Pork Shoulder Cut, Goose Meat, Pork Fatback, Duck Meat, Beef Bacon, Turkey Bacon, and others are some of the greatest pork belly substitutes. You can even make it healthier by omitting meat and dairy.

1. Pork Bacon

This is the most accurate pork belly substitute; in fact, it is the most frequently recommended substitute in all pork belly-based meals.

Regardless of how you prepare it, it has the same flavour. Simply replace the pork belly with pork bacon and proceed with the recipe as directed for pork belly.

The quantity should also be maintained. Use the same amount of pork bacon as pork belly, but keep in mind that most of the fat will be drained away during the bacon’s frying process, so you may not need to add any additional oil.

Season the pork bacon with the same amount of seasoning as the pork belly, but go easy on the salt. Because bacon is saltier than other meats, adding too much salt can make your dish overly salty.

2. Pork Fatback

Pork fatback is similar to pork belly in appearance. It’s a cut of meat from the back of the pig, as the name suggests. When cooked properly, it has a high-fat content, which makes it exceptionally appetising.

Salt pork can also be made from fatback meat that has been cured. Cook the pig fatback in the same way that you would the pork belly, even using the same ingredients. Fatback is far more delectable than pork belly when cured with salt, and because it has less flesh, it is great for those who love a fatty layer.

Grilled or baked pork fatback can be served with vegetables. You may improve the flavour of the meat by adding a spicy sauce or a pinch of chilli.

Your meals may turn out better with fatback if you use the proper spices and herbs, as they combine nicely with the fat layer.

3. Pork Shoulder Cut

This isn’t the most popular pork belly alternative, but it’s excellent anyway. Pork shoulder, on the other hand, maybe more difficult to come by, but if you do, it can serve as a good substitute for pork belly.

Pig shoulder has more fat than other pork cuts, but it also has just the proper amount of flesh, so it can be successfully swapped for pork belly.

When utilising pork shoulder chops, marinating them in your preferred sauce for at least one hour before cooking makes them better and more flavorful; you may grill, bake, or fry them in the pan. When swapping pig shoulders for pork belly, you can stick to the original recipe and use the same seasonings. It’s possible that you won’t notice a major difference in the flavour of your dish.

4. Duck Meat

Although duck meat is similar to chicken, it is thicker and tastier, akin to pork belly. Duck meat must first be made into bacon before it can be used as a substitute for pork belly. Fortunately, prepackaged duck meat bacon is readily available on the market.

Cook the duck meat bacon in the same way you would the pork belly. Keep in mind that extra seasonings may be required to create a similar pork belly flavour. Don’t just season with salt and pepper; you’ll need to add the right ingredients to make your duck meat taste like pork belly.

5. Goose Meat

Goose meat is also a good substitute for pig belly. You’ll need to utilise the larger goose section to get a similar pork belly flavour. Goose meat, like duck meat, should be made into bacon to make it taste more like pig belly. This guarantees that the sweet taste of the meat is well balanced with a nice fatty texture. Goose meat, on the other hand, maybe more difficult to digest than other meats. Allow it to marinate in a mixture of oil and seasonings for at least one hour before cooking to soften it.

You can use any sort of oil you choose and season it with seasonings similar to those used for pork belly before soaking the goose flesh in the brine. Goose meat has a wide range of cooking possibilities, allowing you to prepare it in a variety of ways.

6. Beef Bacon

One of the greatest pork belly substitutes is beef bacon. They’re often used in a number of cuisines, and they’re so similar to pork belly that you might not notice the difference.

When substituting beef bacon for pork belly, use pork seasoning instead of beef seasonings to emphasise the pig flavour.

Beef bacon can be cooked in the same way as pork belly is. It can also be used in baked meals, as well as traditional ones. This type of meat has a plethora of alternatives. Choose beef bacon from a grass-fed cow for a more flavorful result.

7. Turkey Bacon

Pork belly can be substituted with turkey bacon, however, this should only be done as a last option.

Turkey bacon has a lighter colour and lowers fat content than pork belly, and its meat has a distinct texture, but it’s a great alternative for people who can’t eat swine belly or any other pork cut.

Turkey bacon is healthier and lower in calories than pork bacon, making it an excellent choice for people aiming to eat more healthily and reduce their calorie intake.

Turkey bacon can be used in a variety of ways, including burgers, sandwiches, wraps, and grilled meat salads.

8. Beef Belly

Beef belly, also known as navel end brisket, is a piece of meat that is similar to pork belly but comes from a cow.

The beef belly is also used to make boneless cuts like beef bacon and pastrami, which is why beef products are sometimes branded as beef navel or navel end brisket instead of beef belly.

So, if you locate a cut of beef belly that looks and tastes like pork belly, you can use it to make soups, stews, and other dishes.

Pork Belly Vegetarian Substitutes

Vegans and vegetarians cannot use the above-mentioned replacements! There are non-meat alternatives to pork belly, but keep in mind that they won’t have the same texture or appearance as pork belly.

Vegan replacements, on the other hand, can give a high protein content comparable to pork belly.

9. Soya

Soya chunks are an inexpensive and popular vegan replacement for pork belly, with a variety of applications.

To achieve a good protein intake, add chunks of soy to stews, soups, and other pork belly meals. However, to create a good flavour, make sure to add enough seasonings.

10. Tofu

Tofu is a soybean-based product that is frequently used as a meat substitute in recipes.

Tofu has a bland flavour, but this gives you a blank canvas with which to work, allowing you to season it with a variety of spices and seasonings and cook it in a variety of ways to replace pig belly.

Tofu chunks can be added to soups, stews, and curries; tofu slices or cubes can also be sliced into slices or cubes, coated, and fried for a tasty snack.

11. Tempeh

Tempeh is a fermented soybean product popular in Java. Because of its high protein level, it can be substituted for pork belly in a variety of cuisines.

12. Beans

Beans While beans don’t have the same flavour or feel as pork belly, their high protein content makes them a perfect vegan substitute in recipes. Chili, soups, and curries can all benefit from canned or boiled beans.


Pig belly gives a unique flavour to any dish, but if you can’t locate pork belly or don’t want to eat pork, you’ll need a pork belly substitute.

You might not be able to tell the difference between the pork belly alternative and the real thing; you can even make the recipe vegan by using non-meat substitutes.

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