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Twice Momo Boyfriend: Momo Ex-Boyfriend & Ideal Type 2023

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Full Name Hirai Momo
Age 26
Birth date November 9, 1996
Horoscope Scorpio
Birth Place Kyoto, Japan
Profession Pop Singer
Net Worth $100,000 – $1M
Martial Status Single
Height 5′ 4″
Ethnicity Unknown
Weight N/A lbs (N/A kg)
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A

In Kyoto, Japan, on the 9th of November in the year 1996, Hirai Momo was brought into this world. Hirai Momo was her given name at birth, and she is 26 years old at the present time. Scorpio is the zodiac sign that corresponds to those who were born on November 9th. Her astrological sign is the Rat.

She had been dancing since she was a youngster, but it was Namie Amuro who sparked the idea for her to start singing.

Next, we take a look at who Hirai Momo is now seeing, who she has dated in the past, Hirai Momo’s boyfriend, as well as her previous relationships and dating history. In addition to this, we shall discuss the details of Hirai’s life, including his history, statistics, and net worth.

Who is Hirai Momo dating?

According to the information that we have, Hirai Momo is not dating anyone at the moment.

The Pop Singer made their debut on the music scene on November 9th, 1996 in Kyoto, Japan. Principal member of Twice in terms of both her dancing and singing abilities. The band’s beginnings can be traced back to JYP Entertainment’s participation in the reality programme Sixteen; shortly after the show’s conclusion, the band issued its first mini-album titled The Story Begins.

Relationship status

As in the year 2022, Hirai Momo’s is not involved with any other person. Hirai’s age is specified as 26. It has been reported by CelebsCouples that Hirai Momo has been in at least one past relationship. She has never been in a relationship until this.

Hirai Momo Boyfriend

The current situation finds Hirai Momo without a significant other.

All of the dating histories have been fact-checked and verified by other members of our platform. Our dating statistics and user profiles are as precise as possible thanks to the utilization of data and resources that are open to the public.

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Twice Momo Boyfriend Momo Ex-Boyfriend & Ideal Type 2023

Twice Momo Boyfriend Momo Ex-Boyfriend & Ideal Type 2023

Momo Ideal Type

Momo has mentioned that the ideal person for her would be someone who enjoys good food but is not overweight. In addition, they have to have a passion for jokbal, which is one of her favorite dishes. Jokbal, which literally translates to “pig’s trotters,” is a popular dish in Korean cuisine. It is to be hoped that her lover Heechul has the same enthusiasm for jokbal as she does. In January of 2020, it was revealed that Heechul of Super Junior and Momo, also of Super Junior, were dating.

TWICE’s Momo’s Dating Rumor and Ex-Boyfriend

In the year 2020, there were rumours that Momo from TWICE was dating a member of a renowned group, specifically Heechul from Super Junior.

Every time Heechul has appeared on a variety programme, such as on Knowing Brother, he has stated several times that he truly likes Momo, and that the person who most represents him is someone like her. Even when they are caught, they are seen to be always paying care to each other, such as when Momo’s eyes got dirt in them and Heechul promptly assisted her to get rid of it.

Heechul once approached Momo with a request for her assistance in becoming a model for the music video he was producing titled “Sweet Dreams.” You can clearly notice the chemistry between them there.

In the beginning, Momo and Heechul were certainly close as seniors and juniors in the year 2017 when they first met. Even more frequently, Heechul publishes images on his Instagram account (@kimheenim) including all of the members of TWICE, including Momo.

The month of August 2019 marked the beginning of reports that Momo and Heechul were dating. At that time, the information that they are in a relationship was reported by a media organisation in South Korea called Market News. According to Market News, Momo and Heechul are there for each other whenever the other is going through a tough period. However, their agencies subsequently refuted the report.

After that, on January 2, 2020, Market News discussed dating rumours between the two individuals once more. This time, in contrast to the previous instance, SJ Label, which is Heechul’s label, verified the news without delay as being accurate. They also provided the following statement:

“Kim Heechul and Momo had been friends for a long time as a senior and junior, but only recently have they begun meeting with each other to talk about their feelings.”

JYP Entertainment has also revealed that Momo and Heechul are dating, following SJ Label’s lead in this regard.

On July 8, 2021, it was rumored that TWICE’s Momo and Super Junior’s Heechul will break their relationship. Both JYP Entertainment and SJ Labels are on record as confirming the startling information that has been circulating. According to the reports, Momo and Heechul decided to end their relationship because of their hectic schedules. As senior and junior members of the entertainment business, the two of them will maintain their connections with one another.

Before the news of the separation surfaced, Heechul had previously stated on a program called “International Couple” that the reason he ended his relationships with his previous partners was because of his passion for gaming. Fans suggested that Momo probably broke up with him for the same reason, and they blamed him for it. However, some of TWICE’s fans are upset because Heechul appears to reveal too much about his connection with Momo. They believe that he should keep his relationship private.

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Twice Momo Boyfriend: Momo Ex-Boyfriend & Ideal Type 2023

Twice Momo Boyfriend Momo Ex-Boyfriend & Ideal Type 2023