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Lee Jae Wook Girlfriend: His Dating History & Ideal Type 2023

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Real Name Lee Jae Wook.
Korean Name 이재욱
In Limelight Alchemy of Souls (2022).
Profession Actor.
Age 24 years old.
Birth Date May 10, 1998.
Birth Place Seoul, South Korea.
Lives in Seoul.
Gender Male.
Nationality South Korean.
Zodiac Taurus.
Ethnicities Korean.
Parents Father: –.

Mother: –.

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Love Life
Marital Status Unmarried.
Single | Engaged Single.
Body Measurements
Weight Kg: 68.

Pounds: 150 lbs.

Height In feet: 6′ 1¾”.

In centimeters: 187 cm.

In meters: 1.87 m.

Eyes Brown.
Hair Black.
College Chung-Ang University – Theatre Studies.
Net worth USD 3.48 Million.
Television Alhambeura Goongjeonui Chooeok (2018–2019).

Search: WWW (2019).

Extraordinary You (2019).

When the Weather is Fine (2020).

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol (2020).

True Beauty (2020).

Move to Heaven (2021).

Alchemy of Souls (2022).

Movies The Battle of Jangsari (2019).

Lee Jae Wook Wiki

Lee Jae Wook is a South Korean actor that began his career in the acting industry in 2018. He was born on May 10, 1998, making him 24 years old. His first role on television was as Marco Han in the show “Alhambeura Goongjeonui Chooeok,” in which he debuted in. The show was highly successful and aired from 2018 to 2019, but “Extraordinary You” was the major project that helped Jae become a celebrity. In this production, Lee portrayed Baek Kyung, and portraying this role propelled his career to new heights.

After securing the main part of Jang Wook in Jeong-eun Hong’s written fantasy drama Alchemy of Souls in 2022, Jae rose to prominence and became a subject of conversation as a result. This Netflix series tells the story of “hwanhonsool,” which refers to the phenomenon that occurs when the soul of the deceased returns to the body of the living. The viewers adored the concept, and a lot of affection is directed at Lee’s partnership with Jung So Min.

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Early Life

After his mother and father gave birth to him in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, on May 10, 1998, Lee Jae Wook, who is now 24 years old, was brought into the world. After the discovery of a few photographs from Lee’s infancy, we learned that he had begun his training as an actor while he was still a little boy.

Wook moved on from his involvement in school productions to pursue formal study at a theatre academy. After completing his high school education in 2016, he enrolled at Chung-Ang University with the intention of earning a bachelor’s degree in theatrical studies. Even more, he provided behind-the-scenes looks at his graduation ceremony through his social media accounts (Instagram).


Before Wook began participating in auditions, he established a relationship with a talent management firm located in Seoul, which assisted him in getting leads. When the casting director decided to cast him in the role of Marco Han in “Alhambeura Goongjeonui Chooeok,” the actor had not yet graduated from college.

When Lee performed on his very first program, he immediately won the hearts of the audience, which led to a meteoric rise in his level of fame. Because of his towering presence, well-known companies approached him about posing for them.

The year 2019 was a banner year for him professionally, as he was not only cast in two separate television programs but also made his debut in the film business. Following one outstanding performance after another, he delivered stellar work in productions like “Search: WWW,” “Extraordinary You,” and “The Battle of Jangsari.”

Wook became a well-known figure in the fashion sector in addition to his success in the acting field. A number of well-known fashion houses, including Fendi, Dior, Prada, and Marie Claire, began collaborating with Lee. In addition to that, he was featured on the covers of international publications such as Nylon and GQ.

At the moment, many in the Korean film industry consider him to be one of the most prominent individuals. His home is in Seoul, as is typical for celebrities, and he is estimated to be worth 3.48 million US dollars.

Lee Jae-Wook Dating History

Lee Jae Wook is an actor in the Korean entertainment industry, yet despite his youth, he is already considered one of the most promising up-and-coming Korean artists.

However, it appears like he wants to keep his personal life secret. He has not yet disclosed who he is dating. He appears to be more career-oriented.

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Lee Jae Wook Girlfriend His Dating History & Ideal Type 2023

Lee Jae Wook Girlfriend His Dating History & Ideal Type 2023

Wook is now working on the sequel to “Alchemy Of  Souls 2” but he already has future projects in mind.

He developed relationships with Park Min Young and Seo Kang Joon.

Lee Jae Wook Ideal Type

In addition to that, he named IU as his favorite singer.

The disclosure that he made in the past about his preferred type has resurfaced in light of his newfound fame.

Lee Jae Wook responded to a range of questions during an interview with Reporter Lin’s LIT NEWS, including one concerning the sort of person he considers to be his perfect match.

When asked who his preferred singer was, he named IU as the one and only.

And then not long after that, he was questioned about his ideal type, which required some reflection on his part. Afterward, he was asked about his ideal type.

After that, he responded by saying that the optimistic kind is his ideal match.

However, when asked what he wanted to be known as, he also selected optimism, which suggests that this is actually what he is looking for.

When Lee Jae Wook’s fans learned about his preferences, they replied with things like, “I knew I was fated to be with Oppa,” and “I feel like he’s talking about me.”

Lee Jae Wook Girlfriend

The 25-year-old actor is once again winning over audiences with his new weekend drama role, Jang Uk. Only four episodes of “Alchemy of Souls” have been released, yet the narrative and primary cast continue to receive good reviews.

People are intrigued about Lee Jae Wook’s love status in light of his homecoming and his connection with his co-star.

According to a source, keeping his private life quiet is preferable so as not to harm his reputation. He may have some solitude outside of show business.

However, he did not confirm nor deny his relationship status. It is reasonable to conclude that maintaining his career is his top priority.

Do you watch “Alchemy of Souls” by Lee Jae Wook? Share your opinions on the new fantasy-romance drama in the comments section below.

Lee Jae Wook & Lee Da Hae

On the 5th of July, 2019, Jae-Wook shared a photo of himself and the performer Lee Da Hae gazing at the sunset. This image captured a fresh viewpoint on the interaction between Wook and Da. They worked together on several projects and regularly appeared in public.

Lee Da-Hae, sometimes known as Lee Da-hey, is an Australian Korean performer. Her roles in Heaven’s Fate, My Girl, Green Rose, The Slave Hunters, Miss Ripley, and Hotel King, as well as the Chinese adaptations of Love Actually and Best Couple, have made her renowned.


Some allege that Hae is Lee’s girlfriend, while others assert that their relationship is only platonic. Waiting for their announcement would be better to attempt to determine the nature of their connection.

Lee Jae Wook and Jung So Min Relationship In Real Life

Although it may not have received as much notoriety and public affection as other K-dramas, Alchemy of Souls is one series that has managed to win the hearts of netizens while simultaneously driving them into a state of breakdown. The Korean drama features a cast that includes well-known actors like Lee Jae Wook, Jung So Min, and ex-NU’EST member Minhyun, amongst others.

Since it first began broadcasting, the Korean drama has unquestionably created a name for itself as it has chronicled the adventures of young wizards (magicians). In certain cases, it is also known to blend elements of humour, tragedy, and suspense.

Even though the first half of the series has concluded, it appears as though internet users still can’t get enough of the chemistry and camaraderie that exists between the two stars, Lee Jae Wook and Jung So Min – especially when the cameras aren’t running.

The group as a whole has always managed to attract a lot of attention because of the humorous connection they have when the cameras aren’t filming.

The chemistry between the cast members of the programme is so good that it even makes people chuckle while they are being interviewed.

When it comes to Jung So Min and photoshoots, in particular, it appears that Lee Jae Wook continues to demonstrate that he is a real gentleman, despite the fact that he has a mischievous demeanour. In particular, this is the case.

People on the internet have noted that whenever the two are taking photographs together, regardless of how near they are, Lee Jae Wook shows respect for the actress by not touching her. This occurs regardless of how close they are.

Although it appears as though he is holding her, viewers of the images have pointed out that Lee Jae Wook’s fingers are just hovering at her waist. This is despite the fact that it appears as though he is holding her.

Even during their time as cast members on Amazing Saturday alongside Minhyun, the shot shows Lee Jae Wook towering over the shoulders of his co-star.

Screenshots of the entire cast that were sent around during on-set interviews demonstrated, once more, that even though Lee Jae Wook is interested in getting closer to Jung So Min, he always makes sure that she is entirely at ease. Even though the actress may not be aware of it, Lee Jae Wook is extremely cautious with his postures to make sure he doesn’t cross any lines that are inappropriate for their relationship.

When the pictures were uploaded on social media, internet users were unable to contain their admiration for the level of respect that Lee Jae Wook showed for his superior. Even though, after filming, they appear to be close, he takes care to maintain a polite friendship with her.

Even though Korea is known for its courteous culture, it seems like Lee Jae Wook went out of his way to make sure Jung So Min was at ease. Despite the fact that Jung So Min will not be continuing her role in the subsequent installment of the series, she will always be remembered for the classic acting she did in the series as well as the chemistry she shared with the other cast members.

Lee Jae Wook Q&A

Ques: When was Lee Jae Wook born?

Ans: On May 10, 1998.

Ques: When does Lee Jae Wook celebrate his birthday?

Ans: On May 10.

Ques: What is the zodiac sign of Jae-Wook Lee?

Ans: Taurus.

Ques: What is Jae-Wook Lee’s height?

Ans: 6 feet 1¾ inches.

Ques: What is the username of Lee Jae Wook’s Instagram account?

Ans: “@jxxvvxxk.”

Ques: Is Lee Jae Wook dating Lee Da Hae?

Ans: There are rumors, but nothing is confirmed.

Ques: How much is Lee Jae Wook’s net worth?

Ans: USD 3.48 million.

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Lee Jae Wook Girlfriend His Dating History & Ideal Type 2023