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Lake Bell Tattoos & Their Meaning 2023

Lake Bell is a well-known actress in the United States who rose to prominence thanks to her parts in the television shows Boston Legal and How to Make It in America. She achieved recognition in the mainstream after starring in the romantic comedy film “No Strings Attached,” which was a critical and commercial smash at the box office.

In the same vein, she has starred in a vast array of films, some of which include What Happens in Vegas (2008), It’s Complicated (2009), Over Her Dead Body (2008), Million Dollar Arm (2014), No Escape (2015), The Secret Life of Pets (2016), and Home Again (2016). (2017).

Lake Bell has a deep appreciation for body art, and she has been known to experiment with various forms of body modification, including getting temporary tattoos. Let’s take a look at the ones she possesses and the significance behind them, shall we?

Lake Bell Tattoos

On February 26, 2021, Lake Bell revealed her newest tattoo, which said “HOME SAFE” and was located on her left side. One of the photos she posted was accompanied by the following caption: “Thank you, Tati Compton, for your talented hands and badass heavenly lady vibe. I’m sorry, mum, but please don’t get furious because I love you.

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Lake Bell First Tattoo

Lake Bell finally got her first tattoo thanks to her now ex-husband, Scott Campbell, who is a tattoo artist. On Instagram, Campbell shared a picture of the tattoo that he had done on Bell with the following caption: “After six years on the waiting list… finally sat down with my favorite client ever… @lakebell.”

As can be seen, Lake went with geometric patterns for her creations. When examined more closely, one will notice that the names of her daughter Nova and her son Ozzi have been discretely included in the designs.

It is clear that she places a high value on her children because she chose to incorporate their names into the design.

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Lake Bell Tattoos & Their Meaning 2023

Lake Bell Tattoos & Their Meaning 2023