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Kendall Schmidt 15 Tattoos & Meanings 2023

American actor, pop rock singer-songwriter, and music producer Kendall Schmidt is most recognized for his role as Kendall Knight in the television series Big Time Rush. He is also a member of the band Big Time Rush. In addition to that, he is well-known for his guest appearances on a number of popular television shows, including Gilmore Girls, Ghost Whisperer, ER, Phil of the Future, and others.

His entire body is covered in tattoos, so it’s not hard to tell that he has a passion for body modification. Let’s investigate the significance of his unique tattoos to find out more about him.

Kendall Schmidt Back Tattoo

The star of Big Time Rush, Kendall Schmidt, has a deep affection for his dog. Because he had such a deep and abiding affection for the dog, he decided to get a tattoo of its face on his back.

Kendall’s Boston Terrier’s name is Sissy, and he had a picture of her permanently imprinted on the left side of his back at Smith Street Tattoo in Brooklyn. Smith Street Tattoo is located in the borough of Brooklyn.

Choosing instead to have a tattoo on the right side of his back that depicts a bald eagle holding a huge pink rose. The singer for Heffron Drive has stated, “I get tattoos most commonly with familial meaning,” and he acknowledged this fact. “This one is for my grandparents on my dad’s side (my grandpa loves bald eagles and my grandma’s name is Rose).” “This one is for my grandparents on my dad’s side.” ” That is fantastic! ”

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Skull Tattoo

A tattoo of a sugar skull can be found on his right arm. Schmidt went the extra mile to ensure that the design of his new tattoo was one of a kind and uniquely his own. If you look attentively, you’ll be able to notice several things that are significant to Kendall, such as the wheat and sunflowers that reflect his upbringing in Kansas, his lucky number 111, a guitar and guitar pick, and other items.

On his left shoulder, there are at least five different tattoos.

Bracelet tattoo

He also has a tattoo on his wrist.

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Kendall Schmidt 15 Tattoos & Meanings 2023

Kendall Schmidt 15 Tattoos & Meanings 2023