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Who is BTS Jimin Girlfriend? Jimin Ideal Type & Dating History 2023

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Jimin Biography

His real name is Park Ji-min, although he performs under the stage name Jimin as a member of the Korean boy band BTS. Jimin is a performer from South Korea who is skilled in singing, dancing, and songwriting. His birthday is October 13th, 1995, and he was born in Busan. As of the year 2022, Park Jimin will have reached the age of 26.

Jimin is the lead vocalist for the Korean boy band group BTS as well as the primary dancer. Because of his endearing good looks and healthy body, people adore him. The metric equivalent of Park Jimin’s height, 173 centimeters (1.73 meters), is 5 feet and 8.3 inches, and his body weight is 68 kilograms. By birth, he is a native of the city of Busan in South Korea. His parents and an older brother round up the members of his family. He has a very strong bond with his family, particularly with his brother. His estimated net worth is approximately 26 million dollars.

Let’s find out more about Park Jimin’s background, including his age, wiki, height in feet, Instagram, girlfriend, crush, family, siblings, education, new songs, and more.

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Park Jimin Wiki

Real Name Park Ji-min
Most Know Name Jimin
Nickname Chim Chim, Dolly, Mang-gae
Birthday 13 October 1995
Age 25 (in 2021)
Birthplace Busan, South Korea
Education High School of Arts
Nationality South Korean
Profession Singer and Dancer
Relationship Status Single
Eye Color Brown
Height 5’8.3” in Feet
Weight 68 Kg
Zodiac Libra
Net Worth 6 Million

Park Jimin Age, Birthplace and Family


Father’s Name Park Pil-woo
Mother’s Name Mi-jeong
Brother’s Name Park Ji-hyun

Early life

Jimin is a member of a traditional family from South Korea that resides in Busan. During the time he was in middle school. He has recently graduated from a dance school where he studied popping and locking dance. When he started working as a conductor. He was sent to the Korean arts high school, where he majored in modern dance and became one of the most successful students in the entire institution.

Following the recommendation of a professor, he presented himself for consideration with an entertainment firm. And after being successful in the auditions in the year 2012 Currently, he is employed with Big Hit Entertainment. At the moment, he is a student at an international virtual university.


After being associated with Big Hit Entertainment, he made his first debut on June 12, 2013, as the primary dancer of BTS on the song “no more dream,” which was then published. In addition to that, he is the primary vocalist for the band. During this same period, he also completed two songs under his own name. The first song is titled “Lie” and was included on the album Wings, which was published in 2016. The second song is titled “Serendipity” and was included in the album Love Yourself, which was released in 2018. Both songs have amassed fifty million streams, which is a stunning amount collected by any k-pop solo single following “Psy’s Gentleman.”

There is insufficient here Jimin’s song “Promise,” which was published in 2018, is the only song in the history of SoundCloud to amass the most number of views in a single day. It broke this record in 2018.

Along with the other members of the group, he was honored with the Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit in 2018. This honor was bestowed upon him in 2018 by the President of South Korea.

Jimin and Jungkook, both members of BTS, worked together to write two songs in 2014. The first song, “Christmas Day,” included Jimin’s lyrics, while the second song was a copy of “we don’t Talk Anymore.” Both songs were released in 2014.

Park-Jimin Net Worth

Jimin is another member of the boy band BTS. The Bangtan Boys, often known as BTS, are currently the most well-known and well-liked band group in the entire globe. Jimin is a sub-vocalist for BTS as well as the lead dancer for the group, and he also plays a part in a variety of other tasks such as branding and promotion. According to the income statistics of BTS, Jimin has a net worth of around 26 million dollars. Recently, he made the decision to invest in a high-end condo in South Korea for his own personal use.

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Year Title
2018 Burn The Stage: the Movie
2019 BTS World Tour: Love Yourself in Seoul
2019 Bring the Seoul: The Movie

Music Shows

Year Title Role
2016 Show! music core Special host with Jungkook (Ep.515)
2017 M Countdown Special Host with Jin (Ep. 497)

Special host-guest with RM and J-hope (Ep.543)


BTS Jimin Relationship Status

All the BTS members are currently single, however, many rumors are surrounding them but that’s only because of their popularity. Just like all the BTS, Jimin is also single. He never dates anyone, maybe because of his hard work. He is a very skillful dancer. Jimin has the perfect body moves in dance among all the BTS members. Jimin is currently single but rumors have been surrounding him over the years.

Who is BTS Jimin Girlfriend Jimin Ideal Type & Dating History 2023

Who is BTS Jimin Girlfriend Jimin Ideal Type & Dating History 2023

Jimin and Rose Dating Rumors

Jimin and Rose have earned more popularity after the release of their songs “Ice Cream ” and Dynamite. Their popularity rose to an international level. They are loyal to their fans and group members. They have given outstanding love and music to their Army and Blinks. If they become a couple in real life it will be a very big surprise for Army and Blinks.

BTS Jimin in an interview said that he always dreams of marrying a girl who is caring. Loving. And has a heart of gold. After this, he mentions he also wants a wife who has a soulful voice. As you all know that Blackpink Rose and BTS Jimin both are famous in the k-pop industry because of their sweet and soulful voices. Jimin and Rose both can sing on High Notes. Rose is a polite and sweet musician.

The most common between Rose and Jimin is their fashion choices, both like simple, bold, and trendy fashion. No matter what they wear it always looks pretty on them. Their personalities are also very alike as they both are humble and sweet.

Rose and Jimin are the Queen and King of the High Notes and fans want these King and Queen together. But they are not in a real relationship. Rose and Jimin are not dating in real life. If they become passionate lovers, they will become the perfect match in the Entertainment industry.

BTS Jimin & Han Seung-Yeon Dating Rumors

There are many dating rumors about BTS Jimin but the most famous was his dating rumor with fellow K-pop singer Han Seung-Yeon from the girl group KARA.

In an interview on the show “Weekly Idol,” Han was asked if she likes BTS Jimin or if she has an eye on BTS Jimin. She responded positively and said yes, “That’s Right”. Han said when we were promoting “Mama Mia” our promotion period collapsed. At that time he was my attraction and I had an eye on him ever since then. It was nice that the promotion period overlapped at that time. because he is always busy improving his dancing skill. Jimin is an excellent dancer and also our Bias.


BTS Jimin & Red Velvet Seulgi Dating Rumors

Throughout Jimin’s whole profession there are many rumors of his dating his fellow idols and celebrities. But these rumors are not based on reality. They were just rumors.

After BTS Jimin admitted that he is a fan of SM Entertainment girl group Red Velvet. And After this statement, the fans start to assume that Jimin has an affair with one of the Red Velvet members. After that rumors started growing about BTS Jimin and Red Velvet Seulgi that they are dating.




BTS Jimin Ideal Type of Beauty In Girl

At the last, Jimin said that he would date a girl who cares for him and take interest in him apart from being just a beautiful person.

BTS Jimin revealed his ideal type of girl in an interview. Jimin Likes a cute type of girl with a very feminine style and perfect body. He likes the soft nature of girls because he likes a girl who has cute nature. He also wants someone with a good outstanding personality. He also likes the bold kind of personality in girls because he is a flirty type of boy. He needed someone who was flirty and flirted with him when they wanted. He also loves girls with silly personalities.


BTS Jimin Ideal Type of Personality In Girl

BTS Jimin also loves surprises. So he wants a girlfriend with an adventurous time personality. Jimin wants a girl who keeps her astonished and surprised. She could also make him feel joyful with simple cooking. Jimin wants a girl who is emotionally stable and supports him. Jimin wants a girl on whom he can lean on during his difficult time. She wants a supportive girl. Jimin’s ideal type is always there for him in his difficult time.

He also wants a girl who can cheer him up when something good happens to them. Jimin wants someone with a big heart. Jimin wants a girlfriend who loves her as much as he loves her.

So if you are a shy person then you are not the ideal type of BTS Jimin.

BTS Jimin Ideal Type of Personality Celebrity

In 2017 during an interview with E-News BTS Jimin told about her ideal type of Hollywood celebrity. Her ideal type of Hollywood celebrity is McAdams . she is best known for her role in the romance movie The Notebook and The Comedy Mean Girl. McAdams is also known for her movie About Time. BTS V’s solo song Winter Bear is also inspired by her movie. BTS Jimin Hollywood celebrity crush is McAdams.

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Who is BTS Jimin Girlfriend? Jimin Ideal Type & Dating History 2023

Who is BTS Jimin Girlfriend Jimin Ideal Type & Dating History 2023