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IU And Lee Joon Gi Relationship & Dating Rumors 2023

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IU And  Lee Joon Gi Dating Rumors

Is it true that IU (Lee Ji Eun) and Lee Joon Gi are dating in secret? Their present connection should immediately raise your suspicions about them.

The charming duo IU and Lee Joon Gi have never lost any of their endearing charisma.

Lee Joon Gi and IU became a pair following the success of the film Moon Lovers, and they have a significant number of admirers all over the world who support them. In particular, a lot of people are rooting for Lee Joon Gi and IU to start dating in the real world.

After the conclusion of the Korean drama series Moon Lovers in late 2016, a number of tabloids in Taiwan unexpectedly released information claiming that Lee Joon Gi and IU were actually dating. The news has made fans of the coupling Lee Joon Gi and IU very delighted, and they express their desire for it to materialize.

IU And Lee Joon Gi Relationship

Especially After dating for four years, IU and Chang Kiha decided to end their relationship at the beginning of 2017. Despite the fact that they had disagreed on several occasions and meant to end their relationship as a result, it wasn’t until recently that they came to the conclusion that they would finally put a stop to their partnership for good.

After working together on the drama “Moon Lovers,” IU and Lee Joon Gi reportedly fell in love with one another after meeting via their shared work on the project.

Despite this, the report was shot down by Lee Joon Gi’s management after only a few hours had passed.

The management of Lee Joon Gi shared the following statement: “The two of them have been extremely close for a long time, and it is because of their performances in” Moon Lovers “that they are closer.” Nevertheless, there is no dating involved. We hope. I really hope that people do not get the wrong idea about how they are together.

Despite this, Lee Joon Gi continued to care about IU even after the 4-year run of Moon Lovers came to an end, which made fans desire to ‘push the boat’ for this relationship.

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IU And Lee Joon Gi Relationship & Dating Rumors 2023

IU And Lee Joon Gi Relationship & Dating Rumors 2023

Lee Joon Gi made the joyful announcement of his relationship with his wonderful sister IU on the occasion of her birthday with the following heartfelt message: “Have a genuinely happy birthday .” The followers of the pair are overjoyed since it is extremely unusual for Korean actors to publicly react in this manner on the social media accounts of female celebrities. The heartfelt congratulations offered by Lee Joon Gi were met with more than 7,000 “likes” from online users. The actor also made a cameo appearance to show support for his close sister IU in the film “Hotel de Luna,” which had a profound effect on IU. Despite this, Lee Joon Gi is frequently seen attending IU’s performances. IU made her presence known on the set of “Lawless Lawyer” by bringing a food truck and a café, therefore demonstrating her unabashed support for the senior cast member who plays “Flower of Evil.”

Lee Joon Gi Attend IU’s Concert

IU is also rather near Joon Gi. After starring in the emotionally draining series Scarlet Heart Ryeo in 2016, they have managed to keep in touch with one another over the course of their careers (we need a second season!). The actor is frequently seen attending her concerts in Seoul, where he would snap selfies with the performer backstage after the shows. Joon Gi shared his excitement about going to The Golden Hour on his Instagram account, and he even posted a picture of himself with his very own IU lightstick. “Because of all of these presents, I have the impression that I possess the entire globe. I am grateful to you, Jieun (IU’s given name). You did well! That was great. I have returned to the stage with a great deal of renewed vigor and enthusiasm, “he had written. Aww!

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IU And Lee Joon Gi Relationship & Dating Rumors 2023

IU And Lee Joon Gi Relationship & Dating Rumors 2023