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Ha Ji-won Husband: Ex-Boyfriend, Ideal Type & Dating History

One of the more seasoned actresses, Ha Ji-won, has been in several Korean dramas, including “Secret Garden,” “Empress Ki,” and many others. Her modest demeanor and striking good looks have won her the adoration of a large number of people. On the other hand, she never discussed her past relationships or participated in any dating rumors over her whole life.

Ha Ji-won Profile

Real Name = Jeon Hae-Rim

Birthday = June 28, 1978

Nationality = South Korean

Origin = Seoul, South Korea

Parents = Jeon Yoon-Bok and Son Yoon-Soon

Height = 165 cm

Education = Dankook University – Bachelor of Film and Television

Salary = $42,000

Net Worth = $1 Million

Agencies =

  • Wellmade STARM (2003 – 2013)
  • Haewadal Entertainment (2013 – Present)
  • United Talent Agency (2014 – Present)
  • BM+ Entertainment (2015 – Present)
  • Invincible Plan (China)

Who Is Ha Ji-won Husband?

Ha Ji-won, whose birth name is Jeon Hae-rim, does not currently have a romantic partner and is not currently involved with anybody else. There was never any speculation that Ha Ji-won was romantically involved with anyone, whether they were famous or not. However, she isn’t shy about sharing her experiences when she strikes up a friendship with a younger male star. She has no plans to settle down and has no interest in continuing her career as an actor.

What Is Ha Ji-won Ideal Type?

When Ha Ji-won was questioned about her ideal sort of man, she responded in a casual manner through the SBS program “One Night of TV Entertainment.” “Someone who is physically fit and has the ability to make me laugh. Someone who is capable of preparing delicious meals for me, she remarked.

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Being among people that are the same age as me is the least comfortable for me right now because I don’t have many buddies my age. “I find that younger males are friendlier and more comfortable to be around,” she remarked.

In addition to elaborating on the personality traits of her ideal type, Ha Ji-won disclosed the identities of Lee Seung-gi and Park Seo-Joon as the two individuals that best represent her ideal type.

Why Ha Ji-won Is still not Married Yet?

In the year 2020, Ha Ji-won is extremely busy marketing her most recent film, titled “Pawn.” During the course of his promotional activities, Ha Ji-won was questioned about his future life partner and marital intentions. Even though she is 42 years old at the moment, it is common knowledge that Ha Ji-won has not yet tied the knot.

The reason why Ha Ji-won has not been married up to this point has been disclosed. “I believe that once I find the man of my dreams, I will get married. On the other hand, this does not mean that I have to get married. “But I also don’t refuse to be married,” she said during a news conference that took place on October 12th, 2020.

Matchmaking is not something that Ha Ji-won is interested in doing; rather, she wants to find her future spouse on her own. “I don’t participate in speed dating. She explained, “I want to meet the appropriate individuals in a natural way.”

Ha Ji-won Ex-Boyfriend List

Despite the fact that she has been linked to a number of potential suitors throughout the course of her career, the 42-year-old actress has not yet tied the knot.

  • Jang Geun-suk
  • Ji Chang-wook
  • Chen Bo-lin
  • Hyun Bin
  • Jin Yi-han
  • Jo In-Sung
  • Ha Jung-woo
  • Lee Seung-gi

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Ha Ji-won Husband Ex-Boyfriend, Ideal Type & Dating History

Ha Ji-won Husband Ex-Boyfriend, Ideal Type & Dating History

Ha Ji-Won Rumored Boyfriend Jang Geun-suk

Jang Geun-suk is a musician and actor from South Korea who is currently 33 years old. In 2006, he appeared in the drama series Hwang Jini opposite Ji-won. There were no reports of a romantic connection as a result of this. When the actor showed up for an interview three years later, only then did it become obvious what had happened.

During the course of the conversation, the question about whether or not the actor had ever experienced love while filming was posed. When Geun-suk admitted to developing a crush on the actress, many of his supporters were taken aback; however, before they could speculate any further, the actor made it clear that the actress did not feel the same way about him.

Ji Chang-wook & Ha Ji-won Dating Rumors

Ha Ji-won and Ji Chang-wook, a 33-year-old South Korean actor and singer, worked on the production of Empress Ki, which is considered to be one of the most popular K-dramas in South Korea.

It didn’t take long for the lovely chemistry that could be seen between the two performers on the screen to attract the attention of a large number of viewers, who then began to wonder whether or not the two were dating in real life. Especially after the celebrity had spoken positively about the actress in a series of interviews. This rumor, on the other hand, was never shown to be true.

Ha Ji-won and Kang Ha-neul

Kang Ha Neul had this to say about Ha Ji Won’s performance in the film: “Every filming is always incredibly exciting. Because Ha Ji Won is funny and has a way of looking at people that puts them at ease, I always look forward to our filming sessions. He continued by saying, “Please look forward to it because with each episode, a lot of amazing occurrences will unfold, and there will be all kinds of suspense and turns in the road of issue resolution.”

Ha Ji Won also heaped a lot of love on Kang Ha Neul, stating things like, “He is an actor who works incredibly hard at everything. He is really sweet.” He has such a beautiful heart, but more than anything else, it’s fantastic to see how passionate he is about acting. We are now in the middle of filming, and it has been a lot of fun since our acting chemistry is so amazing; thus, it will be wonderful for you to look forward to it.

Truth Behind Ha Ji-won and Chen Bo-lin Dating Rumors

Both Chen Bo-lin, who is 37 years old, and Ha Ji-won, who is also 37 years old, had starring roles in the romance/thriller film Life Risking Romance, which was released in 2016. Fans were not shocked to learn that the two became excellent friends since they both have dispositions that are similar in that they are easygoing and inviting. However, as time went on, people started to realize that the two stars continued to upload images that were very identical throughout their various social media platforms. Many others hypothesized that it was a sneaky way for them to let followers know that they were dating each other.

This is just a bunch of untrue rumors, despite how romantic it may sound, according to the actress who confirmed these particulars.

Ha Ji-won and Hyun Bin Relationship

Ji-won and the South Korean actor Hyun Bin, both 38 years old, featured together in the television series Secret Garden, which aired in South Korea in 2010, and they were widely considered to be the best co-stars in the show due to the natural and powerful chemistry that they had. Others believed that the two were simply being kind in order to make their duties simpler. Fans were shocked to learn that after the conclusion of the series, the two actors continued to have a strong friendship.

The actress stated in an interview that Hyun Bin was nothing more to her than a drinking buddy and a wonderful friend. The interview took place in 2019.

Jin Yi-han

Alongside the actress, Jin Yi-han, a 42-year-old South Korean actor, was also a co-star in the Empress Ki drama series. The two performers looked to be closer off-screen, despite the fact that their relationship on-screen was that of a teacher and pupil.

Jo In-Sung

Ha Ji-won and Jo In-Sung, who is 39 years old at the time, starred in the South Korean drama series Something Happened in Bali, which aired in 2004. The fans’ admiration for both actors individually and for the two of them together is only increased by the fact that they were actually close friends in real life. The parts that both actors played were beautifully tragic. Ji-won attended an interview in 2020 after making her comeback from a long-term role. During the interview, she expressed that she would desire another chance to work with the actor if given the opportunity.

Ha Ji-won and Ha Jung-woo

The news that the actress will be working with Ha Jung-woo, a South Korean actor, film director, screenwriter, and film producer aged 43, on the film Chronicle of a Blood Merchant in 2014 elicited euphoric responses from the audience. After viewing a photo of the two stars enjoying a romantic Christmas meal together, which the actress had posted on her own social media accounts, they were even more captivated by the news.

Fans may have mistakenly believed that the two were involved in a love connection, but in reality, it was only a plan to promote the movie.

Lee Seung-gi – Ha Ji-won Ideal Type

During filming of the romantic series The King of 2 Hearts in 2012, the actress did a good job collaborating with her co-star, Lee Seung-gi. 34 years old, South Korean actor, singer, and host also in the entertainment industry.

Fans may wish they were dating, but they have never done so since the actress is not interested in dating younger guys. This is the reason why the actors have never been romantically linked. However, the most recent information suggests that Ji-won has changed her mind about something.

Is Ha Ji-won married?

Because there have been so many speculations that the actress is seeing someone, there has been a lot of confusion over her romantic situation. According to the findings of the investigation, there is currently no evidence to support the hypothesis that the actress is married.

This gorgeous actress does not appear to be interested in marriage, which is wonderful news for fans. If you are interested in catching the attention of this gorgeous and highly skilled actress, you may do it in the following way.

What is Ha Ji-won Husband Name?

According to the information that we have, Ha Ji-won does not currently have a significant other. She was born in Seoul on June 28th, 1978, making her debut on South Korean television. This South Korean actress is best recognized for her title role in the television series Hwang Jini, which aired on KBS, as well as her portrayal of Gil Ra-im in the comedy series Secret Garden, which aired on SBS. In later years, she was recognized with an MBC Drama Award for the leading role she played in Empress Ki.

Is Ha Ji-won in a Relationship?

As of the year 2022, Ha Ji-won is not involved with any other person. Ha is a male and he is 43 years old. At one point in the past, Ha Ji-won was involved in a romantic relationship. She is a virgin and has never been married.

Who Is Ha Ji Won Sister?

Jeon Yoo-Kyoung and Jeon Young-Joo are Ha Ji-two Won’s sisters from her mother’s side of the family. Together with her other sister, Jeon Yoo-Kyoung, Ha Ji-Won has appeared in a number of television shows.

Who is Ha Ji Won’s Brother?

Jeon Tae-Soo, Ha Ji-younger won’s brother, is also an accomplished actor and is well known in his own right. Jeon Tae-Soo is perhaps most recognized for his role in the Sungkyunkwan Scandal drama that aired on KBS in 2010. Regrettably, on January 21, 2018, he took his own life after struggling with depression for a considerable amount of time.

Interesting Facts About Ha Ji-won

She decided to perform under the name Ha Ji-Won as a gesture of gratitude to the former love interest of her management. In addition, she believed it was a bold and alluring choice for a name.

  • While she was still a senior in high school, she was discovered by her first agency.
  • Prior to making her debut in the acting world, she bombed almost one hundred auditions.
  • Ha Ji-Won established her own talent agency under the name Haewadal Entertainment in the year 2013.
  • Her first book, titled “This Moment,” was released to the public in the year 2012.
  • As part of her agreement with the fashion label Crocodile Lady, she created her own line of “Secret Jeans” and also designed a handbag for the company.
  • In 2012, she participated in the cultural exchange programme Toto’s Workroom that was hosted by CJ CGV and gave a presentation on the production of Chinese films.
  • In addition, she issued the single “You Are Zoe” (collaborating with ZE:Heechul), as well as the albums “A’s” and “Home Run” (2003).
  • She has amassed a total of forty trophies since making her first appearance.
  • She acts as an ambassador for nine different events, all of which involve her participation in social activities.
  • She donates her time to charitable organisations and has made a commitment to the Organ Donation Center to donate her cornea.
  • She is the first Asian woman and only the second Asian person overall to be designated as a promotional ambassador for Operation Smile in 2014. Jackie Chan was the first Asian person to receive this honour in 2013.
  • She does charitable work with her followers on a regular basis, such as making deliveries of coal to the Bangbae-dong neighborhood.
  • In 2016, she made a donation of one hundred million won to the victims of the ferry disaster.
  • Member V from BTS is one of her closest friends.

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Ha Ji-won Husband: Ex-Boyfriend, Ideal Type & Dating History

Ha Ji-won Husband Ex-Boyfriend, Ideal Type & Dating History