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Netizens Spotted Duan Xingxing and Zhou Yangqing On a Secret Date

Duan Xingxing, a member of the IXFORM, has reportedly begun dating Zhou Yangqing(Grace Chow), a well-known internet personality.

On October 31st, a photograph of Zhou Yangqing and Duan Xingxing kissing in a park was leaked to the gossip media. In the park, they were spotted holding hands, and along the river, they were seen cuddling and kissing.

Online users had previously speculated that the two are romantically involved based on circumstantial evidence. Zhou Yangqing uploaded photos of herself in the kitchen and at a dinner party, prompting speculation that the guy in white was Duan Xingxing.

Her black dress with the star design was emblazoned with the words “Although it is not a hit, I like it,” which she revealed in a later photo post. Somehow, this seems to be a response to the notion that the two of them are dating.

Duan Xingxing studio, meanwhile, has denied any connection exists.

The lovely Zhou Yangqing used to be Show Lo’s girlfriend but they just broke up. Zhou Yangqing recently ended a nine-year engagement with Program Lo and began dating Hao Li Lai’s young master Luo Hao, with whom she dated and participated on a variety show until the breakup occurred just after the show’s season premiere.

Their recently publicized romance has been met with much disapproval. Many people think there is too much of a disparity between the two, and some online commenters have poked fun at Zhou Yangqing for “helping the poor.” That Zhou Yangqing has access to the limelight thanks to his family’s fortune. Duan Xingxing’s career has not improved since he first appeared with IXFORM in the third season of Youth With You when he finished in seventh place. Therefore, having a girlfriend as an idol is not a major issue.

His existence appears to be similarly miserable. Duan Xingxing’s parents split while he was a middle schooler, and he moved live with his grandparents.

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Netizens Spotted Duan Xingxing and Zhou Yangqing On a Secret Date

At this point in time, Zhou Yangqing appears to be the more invested partner, having already admitted to the connection behind closed doors and now been seen kissing Duan Xingxing. Duan Xingxing has been likened to Show Lo by some for his resemblance to Show Lo. We are curious as to when they plan to officially disclose this. Feel free to share your thoughts on the bond between Duan Xingxing and Zhou Yangqing.

Zhou Yangqing Duan Xingxing Relationship

There are several matching travels and signals in their Weibo, which has led some to think that Zhou Yangqing and Duan Xingxing are both transgender.

The members of Duan Xingxing’s fan club have disputed reports of a connection, stating instead that they were just hanging out like any other group of friends.

When asked by a fan in a super chat whether they liked her on Weibo, Duan Xingxing responded, “You people want quite a lot.”

At around the same time that Zhou Yangqing had a suspicious reaction to the star’s text, the star’s jumper, and the star’s eye makeup, all four of these things happened.

Netizens Spotted Duan Xingxing and Zhou Yangqing On a Secret Date

Netizens Spotted Duan Xingxing and Zhou Yangqing On a Secret Date

The media captured them on a date at a park, holding hands and kissing as the guy helped the woman down from a railing. The couple also shared a massage, for which the female paid in whole.

On October 31, photographers saw Zhou Yangqing and IXFORM member Duan Xingxing having a meet-cute in a park and afterward walking hand-in-hand. Suddenly on the way, Duan Xingxing gave Zhou Yangqing a royal embrace that she had orchestrated.

After that, they proceeded to sit on the railing and have a little discussion. Later, Duan Xingxing leaped over the railing and gave Zhou Yangqing an enthusiastic kiss. Zhou Yangqing placed his head on Duan Xingxing’s shoulder after their passionate embrace, and the two continued to fondle and kiss each other affectionately on the cheek. They had been making out for quite some time before deciding to go watch other people fish at the river. After then, the couple walked hand-in-hand out of the park.

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Netizens Spotted Duan Xingxing and Zhou Yangqing On a Secret Date

Reports indicate that after taking part in “Youth with You 3,” Duan Xingxing joined the group IXFORM. In contrast to Zhou Yangqing, who will be 34 this year, he will be 24 this year.

Zhou Yangqing and Luo Zhixiang’s 9-year long-distance love journey led to an increase in her rate of partner turnover. Zhou Yangqing and Luo Hao dated and appeared on a variety program together not too long ago, but they split up shortly thereafter. Subsequently, the show staff set up a date between Zhou Yangqing and the male visitor Chen Ruifeng, but the two ultimately didn’t wind up romantically involved with one another. However, the public did not approve of Zhou Yangqing and Duan Xingxing’s relationship this time around.

It was previously speculated that the two were romantically involved, but Duan Xingxing’s official fan club shot off the speculation, saying, “It’s just a meeting of friends!”

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Netizens Spotted Duan Xingxing and Zhou Yangqing On a Secret Date

Netizens Spotted Duan Xingxing and Zhou Yangqing On a Secret Date