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Aol Mail Sign in | Aol Mail Login – login Details 2023

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Aol mail sign in

What is AOL Mail

In the United States, AOL Mail (also known as Aol Mail) is a free web-based email service provided by AOL, which is a division of Verizon Communications.


Features that are accessible in AOL Mail include the following:


  • The maximum size of an email attachment is 25 MB.
  • The maximum size of a mailbox is indefinite.
  • Protocols that are supported include POP3, SMTP, and IMAP.
  • Other email accounts from different service providers can be linked together (such as Gmail and Hotmail).
  • While dealing with an email account, advertisements are displayed. In most cases, email recipients will not be able to activate embedded links since they will be automatically disabled.
  • Anti-spam measures
  • Protection against viruses
  • Domains that check for spelling errors include: (formerly, (short for you’ve got mail),, and
  • After logging in, TLS/HTTPS is supported.

Unless an AOL Mail account has been inactive for 90 days, it may be terminated, at which point any emails sent to it may not be delivered and may be returned to sender, depending on the circumstances. The account may be deleted if it has been inactive for 180 days or more.

Sign in to AOL Desktop Gold and manage your usernames

Signing in to your AOL account is made easier with AOL Desktop Gold, which provides a range of alternatives. Look over this section if you’d want to learn how to create and switch between AOL Desktop Gold accounts, view all saved usernames, and adjust your preferences for logging in to AOL Desktop Gold accounts.

Add a username to AOL Desktop Gold


  • Activate AOL Desktop Gold on your computer.
  • To begin, click the tiny arrow pointing downward on the sign-on screen.
  • Select Add Username from the drop-down menu.
  • Enter another username and click on the Continue button. You’ll need to enter your password in the window that pops up.

Sign in to your account

Selecting ‘Save Password’ and ‘Auto sign on’ will allow you to bypass the password entry window and sign in automatically.

  • Open AOL Desktop Gold and log in.
  • Click on the Continue button after you have entered your username.
  • Verify that the right username has been displayed and then click Next if it has.
  • Type in your password and click Sign in to complete the process.

Switch usernames in AOL Desktop Gold

  • Sign in to AOL Desktop Gold with your AOL username and password.
  • Once logged in, go to the top of the screen and select Switch Screen Name from the Sign Off menu.
  • The small arrow pointing down will appear on your Sign-On screen, and it will bring up a list of all of your previously stored user IDs.
  • Select the desired username by selecting it with your mouse. Once you’ve decided on a username, press the Continue button.
  • Following the click of the Continue button, a new window will pop up. Check to see if the right username is displayed, and then click on the Continue button.
  • In the Sign In window that displays, enter your password and click Sign In again.

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Aol Mail Sign in  Aol Mail Login - login Details 2023

Aol Mail Sign in Aol Mail Login – login Details 2023

Sign in to your account automatically

  • Log in to AOL Desktop Gold with your AOL ID and password.
  • Save Password and Auto sign on this username when a box is selected on page 2 of 2.
  • Click on the Continue button and sign in.

Recover a forgotten username

Using the recovery phone number or the recovery email address associated with your account, you can recover your password if you are unable to login in because you have forgotten your username.

  1. Go to the Sign-in Helper and fill out the necessary information.
  2. Enter your recovery phone number or email address, if you have one, and make sure it is accessible.
  3. Select the Continue button.
  4. Select Yes, send me a verification code from the drop-down menu.

– Your phone number or email address will be used to send you a code to confirm your registration.

  1. Enter the verification code that was sent to you.
  2. Press the Continue button.
  3. Select the account that you’d like to use to log in.

This page will only reveal accounts that have been linked to the phone number or email address. It’s possible that the phone number or email address you gave isn’t associated with the account if the username you are looking for isn’t displayed.

Manage your AOL username

It is your AOL username that provides you with access to services such as AOL Mail and premium features such as AOL Instant Messenger. The first portion of your AOL email address before the @ symbol is your username, and the second part is your password. When using an email address that is not from AOL, your username is the complete email address.

Delete your AOL username

You have the option to cancel your AOL account at any time. Please double-check that you have canceled any subscriptions, services, or usernames associated with your account before deleting it.

Can I change my AOL username?

Unfortunately, once your username has been generated, you will be unable to change or modify it. If you wish to use a different username, you’ll have to create a new one.

How many usernames can I have?

AOL accounts can only have one username at a time. On November 30, 2017, the ability to add and restore deleted usernames was removed from the platform.

Please keep in mind that any new usernames will be generated as separate accounts from your existing AOL account and will not be linked to it.

Info on Primary and secondary usernames

If you have an AOL account, your primary username is the name you chose when you originally joined up for the service.

Prior to November 30, 2017, AOL provided the option to create secondary usernames that were linked to the primary login; however, the ability to create or manage other usernames has been withdrawn.

You will no longer be able to create secondary usernames or assign substitute Primary usernames to your account. Each username will have to be deleted separately, as each name is now regarded to be a different account in the system.

How can I view all usernames associated with my AOL account?

Despite the fact that all Primary and secondary identities are now considered separate accounts, if you log into your AOL account and go down to the Usernames section, you will be able to see any old secondary usernames that were associated with your Primary identity. When canceling your account, this can be handy because a Primary username cannot be closed if there are open sub usernames under that primary username.

Fix problems signing into your AOL account

Keep trying if you’re having problems logging into your AOL account. Learn how to identify and correct common sign-in issues, such as issues with your username and password, account locks, looping logins, and other account access failures, by following the steps below.

Your AOL account contains critical information, so let’s get you back into it as soon as we can! You can use the information in the instructions below to resolve difficulties such as account locks, password issues, and other access issues if you are having trouble signing into your account.

Account and password issues

You forgot your username or password

  • You can use the Sign-in Helper to find your username and regain access to your account by entering your recovery mobile number or alternate email address into the box provided.
  • In the event that you know your username but need to reset your password, make sure to create a strong password once you’ve logged back into your account.
  • If your browser remembers passwords, you can look in your autofill settings to see if your password has been saved.

You get an “Invalid Password” error

This error notice indicates that the username and password combination you entered does not correspond to the information we have on file for that user. Take into consideration the following:


Use the “caps lock” or “num lock” keys to ensure that the value of what you’re typing does not change.

It is possible that you will need to update your browser autofill settings after changing your password if your browser saves passwords.

  • Use a different web browser to access your account – If you can access your account using a different online browser, the problem isn’t with your account; you’ll need to resolve the problem in your chosen web browser.
  • Someone has changed your password – It is possible that an unauthorized party has gained access to your computer and changed your password. To regain access to your account and change your password, use the Sign-in Helper. Then, check your account settings to make sure no modifications were made that you weren’t aware of, and to ensure that your account is secure.

Other sign-in issues

You get a “First time signing in here?” message

Occasionally, if you sign in from a device, program, or location that we haven’t previously seen you use, we may ask you to enter a verification code (which will be sent to your recovery mobile phone or email address) to ensure that you are, in fact, the person who signed in. If the recovery options listed for your account are no longer valid, please go to the “Still can’t get logged in?” section of this help page for more information on how to proceed.

Two-step verification is enabled but you’re not asked to verify your identity

A verification code will be issued to you the first time you sign in from a device, browser, or location that hasn’t been used by you previously. If you have successfully verified your identity, you may not be requested to enter a verification code when you sign in using the same device, browser, or location in the future. To deauthorize a device, browser, or location, go to your Recent activity page and select Deauthorize a device, browser, or location.

Your sign-in screen loops or reloads

If you find yourself stuck in a loop where the sign-in screen keeps showing after you click “Sign in,” you’ll need to clear the “sign-in” cookie from your computer.

  1. After entering your login on the sign-in page, select Not you? from the drop-down menu.
  2. Enter your user name and password in the appropriate fields.
  3. Select Sign in from the drop-down menu.

If that doesn’t solve the problem, try the following procedures, being sure to sign in after each step.

  1. Delete all of the cookies from your browser.
  2. Close and then reopen your browser window.
  3. Make use of a different web browser that is supported.
  4. Try logging in using an alternative sign-in page, such as our primary login page or the AOL Mail sign-in page, to see if it helps.

Still, having trouble signing in? If you are unable to utilize the Sign-in Helper to log into your account because your recovery information is incorrect or inaccessible, you will not be able to restore access to your account in the near future. You are always welcome to create a new account; however, you must ensure that the recovery information for your new account is kept up to date.

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Aol Mail Sign in | Aol Mail Login – login Details 2023

Aol Mail Sign in Aol Mail Login - login Details 2023